I am sucked back into reality.

I stepped into the same elevator that I was so happily running away from just 2.5 years ago. I never looked back, but now I am back. The smell of morning coffee filled in the lobby, while eager workers lined up for a days job. It’s 9:30 am, early, too early for me, I barely saw a thing as I recently noticed my eyesight diminishing as I age, but that’s a different story.

— Fifth floor please.

The elevator doors opened and I was greeted by a new receptionist. — Hi, I am here for a freelance gig. — I smiled.  I quickly filled out some paperwork, and it all started coming back to me. The place hasn’t changed, the iconic orange couches, the weekly new bouquet of display flowers, the sound of stomping heavy heels on the wooden floor, the maniac fast frantic typing sounds, the early morning meeting client speakerphone, and the daily gossip chatter has not been touch since I left. It all remain the same, the movement of the money wheel was still in motion, just a digital motion.

— OMG, look at you, what are you doing back here? Are you finally done with your travels? Where have you gone? What was your favorite place? So good to see you— All comments and small talks with some of the survivors from Cement Bloc crisis, whom I worked with before.

In the past 2.5 years I have visited 33 countries and slept in 209 different beds, every day was a different story, an active story. Coming back to the Bloc, seeing some of the same people working on the same stories made me feel like i have never left.

— Was it a dream? Was I really there, did all that really happened?

The feeling was strange, so much happened yet I felt like I have been gone for a week. I opened InDesign, (Adobe’s program used for designing layouts). I got my first project and the ball was rolling. Unconsciously I picked up speed, using all the shortcuts and tricks that help to increase workflow. I zoned out into the monitor, falling back into the seat, I found myself in a comfy place. I was excited, I was eager, I was happy to be back at work. I was also shocked to realized how quickly I was able to jump right back in. It was the first time in 2.5 years that I have opened the program, and my creative mind.

– File, New Document.— Is what I thought it would be like coming back to work, but instead I’ve opened and entered a project I’ve worked on before.

Linda, my supervisor, and a friend said — Hey, you wanna come and freelance for a bit, make some money and continue to India?— It was all a maybe, that became a definite. They were busy super busy, so I got booked for three days that turned into thew weeks.
2.5 years ago, when I left I was on a quest to explore the world and see things with my own eyes. I ran, I ran far away from the corporate environment.

— I am so glad that I don’t have to sit in front of the computer— Is what I used to always repeat to Iza. The challenge of creating a new campaign, a new layout of a brochures or designing a new identity is super rewarding, yet the challenge of sitting in front of a computer all day long is a nightmare on fat. But is a reality of making good money. People who make the most don’t do the most. No movement, just brain power.

Is, alright, I am only freelancing, I keep telling myself. Great. A bit of money, a bit of work won’t hurt nobody.

and then,

— Aga, can you commit to work with us for another 6 weeks? The drug got indicated sooner than we thought. We need your speed.— Asked the creative director.

— Sure.

Slowly, I am being sucked in.

2 thoughts on “I am sucked back into reality.

  1. "Life is good, wherever you are", I read.
    Maybe you are not being sucked in, instead you may have chosen another trip for a while. Enjoy it! Hugs from Brazil =)

  2. 6 weeks is not such a long time…especially if you make enough money for a year or so of travels. but be careful not to get sucked in too deep. Just do it and get out as quick as you can 🙂

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