Cruzing on the beaches of Puerto Escondido

Quick what´s camouflage, lives behind our bathroom mirror and eats small bugs? Yep, a small lizard… We have a freaking zoo in our bathroom. Welcome to the tropical climate in Mexico at the Tower Bridge Hostel.

We have been chilling and relaxing this past week in a small town, Puerto Escondido. It houses about 30,000 people which I think are all American who are taking over the pacific coast. Ok.. Maybe not all… The pacific coast in the state of Oaxaca is actually know as a less touristy, more local vibe. But I have seen many ¨gringos¨ there are many people from the state of Washington, as Iza always notices their license plates.

This is also the first hostel we stayed in which houses all English speakers. The hostel is called ¨The Tower Bridge¨and is owned by Steve, a Brit guy that loves to bust balls. Poor Aaron who is a 24 year old guy that runs this place and has to take his moaning. Aaron also created a bar project, where he makes and shakes all the drinks that people love and don´t remember the next day. He successful does it with the first shot of Mescal on the house.. after that you wake up with the tab of 400 pesos and you don´t remember what happened. Clothes are around the pool, camera on the bar, trans music blasting, and the sun is shinning. I tell ya.. the 24 year old are getting smarter now days. But he does create an awesome vibe where everybody can mingle and have a good time. Here we met many Australians, nice people that I don´t understand every other word that they say, and holy crap do they love to party.

I should also mention that this hostel has the perfect relaxation area.. well first we have a small one bedroom apartment with a king size bed and a kitchen. Looking out just literally 5 feet from our entrance we have a pool and an amazing hammock. So beach, pool,hammock, joint, mescal, ping-pong, home cooking and sleep. I think we are as relaxed as we can get.

During the day we explore, for example we got a chance to take a boat ride early in the morning to see jumping out of the water dolphins, slow turtles and no whales. Checked out Playa Agua Blanca, amazing beach with no one around, just locals and us. Ate Cerviche (fish marinated in lime juices) drank a coconut water from a coconut and got a chance to ride the most local Mexican bus ever. Seen amazing sunsets from cliffs and ride bikes all around the town in search of a bank. Where we got bikes from? We borrowed them from our friends here at the hostel who are currently traveling through entire Mexico on bikes. Iza and I also plan to travel on bikes through one of these counties. So listening to their stories we got very inspired.

The water in the ocean is very nice and warm, relaxing so relaxing especially on Playa Carrizalilio, that Iza and I couldn´t resist but created a spa day with the ocean view. So, how did we do that? Exfoliated the shit out of our bodies using the most softest and greasest sand we have ever come across with. It was so great, and powerful that we even though of packing some of it for later use. I burried Iza in the sand and she got an even extra body sea soak and spa. Our skin is like a little babies bootie. We got so into the spa thing that Iza with her amazing massage skills managed to get a small gig. Gave a girl at the hostel a massage and made 200 pesos which is our bus ride and a nice dinner for 2. Yey… we are making money.

Tomorrow we are off to a new beach in a new town. If this town has 30,000 people the next one has only 4,000. Puerto Angel… no phones, no internet and no hot water…. WTF… here we come.