Mexico….lovers on every corner.

wow.. seriously.. this country should have at least 4 Valentines a year, make out sessions on every comer from as young as 6 to as old as 80 years old. Amazing.

I think everybody should come to Mexico and experience this amazing country. Please skip Cancun. In the last 2 weeks Iza and I have been all over Mexico and we are absolutely amazed.
Maybe kind of not6 including Mexico City.

Taxco City, a small city located on 7 hills and the center square on one main hill is known for its amazing silver. Here is where you can come and really get the best deals ever. If we didn’t travel for few more months we would have definitely spend some cash here. Silver lovers this is the place to come to. Not only is Taxco known for its silver but these guys are also serious about their cuisine. They are the Jumile lovers. Jumiles are small bugs known as the stinky bugs. Best flavor is when eaten alive. Iza the brave soul was the guinea pig for this one and ate 2 of them! Wow Iza. Fuck that. I pass.. ¨Crunchy¨she said Iza. She did manage to get me to eat a roasted bug, but that is in a different place and it was ROASTED not moving and escaping for its life. It´s like eating a life chicken…. hehe ok maybe not that serious…

In Taxco we aslo met Pepe at the phone center who showed us the best tacos in Mexico. In the center of Taxco, they have a market, which is like china town on crack with many vendors selling everything and anything. Here is where we tried the best lamb tacos ever. So good that my tommy is making noises right now. Thanks to Pepe we have also experience the Mexican Discotek.. lol… yep that is right we went out with Pepe to a discotek, KTU.. all the way.

Our next destination we decided to follow our instinct check out Christopher in Gunajuato. What a smart move that was. Christopher.. amazing guy let us stay in his house with his wife and two crazy kids. He showed us the entire city of Guanajuato in one night! lol. He also introduced us to his friends that end up being some of the coolest peeps we have met yet during our travels. Mike and Ashly along with Victor really showed us Guanajuato from the local side. Our Mexico guide book was not touched once.

Guanajuato wow… even cooler then Taxco really awesome city. It´s a mine city so the architecture and roads are very different from other Mexican cities. Apparently if the city is a mine city the miners build and did whatever they liked which formed confusing streets. One of the cooler things that we both liked about his city is its tunnels. The tunnels used to commute in the city were so freaking awesome!!! Most were build about 100 years ago and still functioning. Also many more tunnels are build since there are many workers from the mines that got closed down and the government is providing them with jobs.

Mike and Ashly along with Pia are serious photographers and were happy to take us at night to take some shots of the tunnels. It was a total expedition and we were like kids high on sugar running around and snapping away. Guanajuato also has really cool colored buildings, and you can really see them from the Pipila De Guanajuato viewing point, we saw the entire city and defiantly snapped away some cool pics. This city really showed us that there is so much more to Mexico then we have imagined, it has a lot of Spanish influence and is so far my favorite place that we have visited.

We also got a chance to make some Polish food for the cool dudes at Ashlys house. End up cooking for like 9 people, some Borszcz and polish zapiekanka. It was probably the first time we have cooked for this many people. Super happy because we also finally got to eat some back home cooking. The night end up nice and smooth with some good old Mexicans greens and lots of laughs. Thanks Mike and Ashly for hooking it up!

Thanks to these guys we also went to Pozos a day trip to a very small town which was also a mine city. The mine got closed down a while ago and many of it´s holes and architecture was left behind. What a cool little town. It was like on the westerns flicks, no one around with many cactus-es everywhere. This is the first time in my life I’ve seen so many cactus-es. SO COOL.
Again like little kids we were all over that place snapping away with big smiles. Again big Shout out to the cool dudes from Guanajuato.

Unfortunately with eager to see more and different things we left to Puebla. A bigger city located South East from Mexico city. This city is very different from Guanajuato, its twin city would be Ludz in Poland. Its downtown architecture is considered by UNESCO a worlds heritage. Many different influences from the Spanish the French and many more which can be seen all over. Puebla is also located by two volcanoes, which one of the them is known as the ¨smoking mountain¨ and is the highest mountain in Mexico. A small drive to Cholula 6 km away from Puebla has the best view. It was our one day trip there, after climbing many stairs to see the best view, we were kind of unlucky since there were some fluffy clouds covering it. Determined to see the view we were hanging out on the grass waiting for the clouds to pass, and the sun was frying Iza´s neck and my toes.
That night with second degree burns we went to bed super early.Overall Puebla is really nice with tons of activities in the town and many cool things to see. Definitely a 3 star spot.

Overall our travels so far…Mainly we have been staying in hostels, the cheep way to travel with a back pack, weather in Mexico has been amazing, really nice and sunny and sometimes really hot during the day and nice and cool at night. Just the way we love it. It´s totally like summer in Poland.

Additional to our cities we have visited so many churches here.. Wow really amazing and super rich, each church has a story to tell and is absolutely wow.. I am not a big church goer but here is something that everyone should see and check out. I can´t wait for holly week…

Coming up.. we have a 15hr bus ride to Puerta Escondido beach. Super excited, we are totally ready for some sun shinning and relaxation. Looking forward to some scuba and Spanish classes.
After the beach we are stopping for the Holy week in Oaxaca and heading east to Chiapas and Yucatan Penisula….

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  1. The question is, what latin american country will you be in when the world cup starts in June? My suggestion… try to be in Brazil! Cause the city is going to be on fire during the world cup!

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