Machu Picchu, and Picchu Machu, Cuzco Affection in Peru

 Kissing is heavy, the breaths are deep, while grinding and moaning he holds her waist as she rides him slowly. Smoothly in and out, the feeling of excitement and pleasure runs through her body and once again she is in heaven.

Only occasionally does she glance at the other bed to make sure her friend is asleep, and they continue to fuck.

Inka Jungle trail, which includes 4 days, and 3 nights of trekking, bilking, partying, and climbing the Machu Picchu ruins, plus some after hrs upon return.

Three words “What the Fuck” said one of the hot toddies, after a week of being in and around Cuzco, Peru. “I need to get the hell out of here before my liver does”

Helmets, gloves, and warm jackets are on, bike seat raised to appropriate level and they went down hill fast. From 4,300 meters above sea level to 2,000 meters they went flying, brand new paved road, single line, without looking back, passing amazing mountain, crazy risky cliffs with adrenaline piercing through.

There was only one small blockage that stooped them sharp, small with a 5hr impact. Apparently they didn’t go fast enough to make the 12-1pm open road time, otherwise closed for road repair till 6pm. After 20km of riding down they were the first in line to go through once the road reopens. Patiently waited and with small chitchats they all slowly met each other.

Two Canadians a brother and sister; three French, single young girl, two guy friends from Paris; a mix couple Brazilian and a Korean girlfriend; and another Brazilian guy who was on his 2 week vacation; the two hot toddies aka “the polish girls” and Frank their Peruvian guide.

All as a group, were bound to each other for the next three days awaiting full on adventure and the cherry on top, Machu Picchu.

1st day biking, 2nd day 8hr trekking. Trekking up, steep up and even steeper down, many out of breaths, sweats and curses. “this fucking guide sucks” said the Canadian who didn’t know why she didn’t like him. But it was not Franks fault that there was an uphill and a down hill.

Trekked on the Inka trail, steep cliffs made some people dizzy, they stopped often to take pictures and admire the natural beauty of the Inka’s everyday journey. They crossed a river using hand operated cable cart, and kept on going to end up in Santa Teresa for the night. While trekking they alternated to conversed.

The days trek ended in Hot Springs near Santa Teresa, where everybody got almost naked and soaked the days trek away in the hot water with a local beer. Some even whipped out “Head and Shoulders” shampoo and “Dove” soap for some extra bathing.

At dinner in Santa Teresa, Frank reminded them that it was Saturday and it was “fiesta” time. So they tried the first free local Peruvian Inka tequila shot, which continued into many other drinks that made everybody happy, open minded and very conversational.

While slightly intoxicated, Frank layed out the two options for the itinerary for the next day. “We have two options, 1st, we can walk up, pass through some ruins, see the back of Machu Picchu, and enjoy mountain views while trekking to Aguas Calientes or 2nd, we can just walk along the river till we get to Aguas Calientes. 1st option is more difficult and longer but more interesting while the 2nd is easier but more boring. What would you guys like to do?” Again, intoxicated they all raised their hand for option 1, more interesting and more adventures is what they were all after.

As the drinking went on, they all decided to move to a local discoteka where they freely danced, flirted and expressed they interests. The night went on, some left early, some stayed and some disappeared.

It’s late, street lights are shimmering, her pants are down and the shirt is over her face, he is down on his knees, with his tong he is making stars shine bright and her body feen for more.

Next morning she finds herself wrapped with his body’s heat, raises her head and starts laughing after realizing that all 4 beds were occupied with only girls and her friends. He soon quietly got dressed and escaped the estrogen pasada.

At breakfast, for breakfast lots of water and small smiles as everybody tried to figure out what really happened and who went where.

So option 1, only few dared to be stupid enough and take that route. They must have been still drunk to pick the harder option. As they had no idea that they would have to walk up the mountain for 2.5hrs to only come back down the mountain for another 2.5hrs and then walk along the river for another 3hrs.

Only the two French guy friends, 2 hot toddies and the Brazilian guy, plus Frank the guide, were drunk enough to follow with the 1st option.

At first it was all laughs but then it was a strenuous disaster as they had no other way to get to Aguas Calientes, but continue the trek “I really didn’t hear him say anything about climbing up 2.5hrs” said the Brazilian, while drinking water and sweat coming down his face.

Eventually, they got into the rhythm of walking and after few hrs, the hangovers were evaporating and they were on a mission to get to their destination.

While walking, their eyes met constantly and small uncomfortable looks were exchanged as they though of what happened the night before. “So do you remember everything that happened yesterday?” she asked. “yes, especially the part when we walked around the same bloc for 5 times in search of our Hostel and never really made it there. I wonder if anybody saw us.” he smiled.

That night after reuniting with the rest of the group everybody took it easy, nice dinner and early sleep, as the next day was the cherry on top Machu Picchu.

But right before aparting, the brave small group who bounded a bit more on the crazy hike, decided to celebrate in the hallway with a small bottle of Pisco.

Drinking from the cap, one by one, they were laughing at the situation and decided that they were the tough cool group.

For that reason they will paint their faces tomorrow while trekking to Machu Picchu with everybody having a letter on their face which will spell out Machu Picchu. One hot toddy will have “M” second Hot Toddie will have “A”, Brazilian guy will have “CH”, one French guy will have “U” and the second French guy will have “PICCHU”. So when they will pose for pictures it will spell Machu Picchu.

Of course it was all under small amount of Pisco and the next day they all forgot about the face painting, just the nicknames remained.

The two Hot Toddies and the rest of the group got up early to get the stamp for Wayna Picchu, where only 200 people are allowed to visit at a time. The first 400 people that make it to the top get the stamp. They all woke up early at 4am and started climbing to make the first 400. Non of them had any idea how difficult it would be. So many people where climbing, people in front, people pushing in the back, the speed was set on super fast and it was steep. It was one of the hardest climbs the toddies did in all of their trekking. Imagine walking up over 1100 steep steps for 45 minuets straight with almost no breaks. It was though, though on them all, they started all together and got to the top at different times.

“Yey!! We all got our stamps, we are going to climb at 10am, the Wayna Picchu” said the French girl.

Once the two Hot Toddies got to the top, they were completely exhausted. After 3 days of intense treks they were totally pissed off and fed up with any more climbing or trekking. They wished someone would have told them that the climb to Machu Picchu was this intense. They would have paid the $7 bus ride there, save energy and climb the Wayna Picchiu, which is the famous “Young Mountain” that is on all classic pictures.

Since they all climbed early, they made it for the amazing sunrise at Machu Picchu. The view was spectacular, it looked like a kingdom of magic was once present and the magic never left. The sun shinned at an early angle and brighten with beauty and pleasure, the Inka’s world.

The Hot Toddies steered off to be alone for a bit as it was hard for them to walk up anything, a step or a small hill was becoming impossible, they felt it all in the hips. “I am going to sit here, and cry, while you go and take pictures. I can’t fucking move, and it’s only 8am. How in the world are we going to climb that mountain?!?!” she said with a face that don’t lie.

At 9am they all met up with a different guide to explain everything and anything about Machu Picchu, and who repeated himself 5 times using slightly different lingo. For 2.5 hrs they were stuck with him, and learned that on June 21 of each year, the way the light shines on Machu Picchu makes the place look even more magical.

“Look here miss, here look miss, if you look here at this image miss, and turn it to the side you will see a face, a face you will see if you turn this image, only on June 21, you will see a face if you turn the image to the side. Miss are you looking, June 21st is when you will see a face if you turn this image. For example do you know on June 21st, yes! It’s the way the sun shines that will make the face, do you know. For example…do you know…” and the guide continued.

After the torture, the toddies decided to give up the idea of climbing anything and instead found a nice sunny place to lay down and do nothing. The rest of the group, were strong and tough and end up climbing Wayna Picchu.

“wow look at this view, look at these mountains, the way they are formed, look at the clouds. Where is my camera? This is just amazing, how did people live here? How awesome was it?!?” the toddies admired the view from their sitting point, talking slower and slower while eyes shutting they both passed out on the grass.

It must have been an 1hr of sweet dreams when the strong noon’s sun woke them up and they decide to say goodbye to the amazing magical Machu Picchu.

After walking down to the entrance, they met up with some people from the group that were also heading back down. Contemplating weather to pay the $7 bus or go down they decided to trek back down. Bad idea as one of the toddies knee was completely shot and she had a really hard time walking down. She was in pain.

At the end of it all, they rewarded themselves with a big meal. Sitting outside and enjoying their food they saw few people from their group coming down, the French guys decided to join them at the table and ordered Pisco Sour, a local alcoholic drink mixed with some goodies. Once again all got nicely buzzed and the conversation just kept flowing.

As their trip was nearing to an end, they decided to all meet up one last time in Cuzco to celebrate friendship and to say goodbye.

“Let’s meet at 8pm in front of the fountain in Plaza de Armas” they all agreed.

That night started off with dinner and drinks at an English pub The Real McCoy where they had the best burgers. Then migrated back to The Point, a party hostel in Cuzco. Shortly after more people joined their crazy drinking game of Kings.

As the drinking went on the two of them exchanged looks and laughs. Shortly after, they disappeared into a corner of the ping pong room where they kissed passionately with more knowledge.

The rest of the group, which grew in number of hostel clientèle continued to conversed and drink including the other toddy who found herself talking to an American from Arizona aka “Machu” and a gay Canadian from Toronto. She soon realized that these people were who she want to chill, they had lots of energy, were funny, and gave her good vibes.

“Ok everybody, let’s go I know this awesome club here in Cuzco” said one of the new bees. They all got dressed, interrupted the corner action and went to shake their boodies at a local tourist club near Plaza de Armas. There everybody got separated, corner action reunited and the other toddy continued to party on with the new founds.

The alarm rings, he jumps up “Shit, I am going to be late for my rafting trip I got 10 minuts” He quickly puts on his pants, grabs his shirt and runs out into the daylight. While running he starts putting on his shirt, totally like from a movie scene where the husband comes home and the lover is on the run. He is disoriented but somehow runs toward The Point.

She pops her head out of the covers and starts laughing “What the fuck was that??”

“lol, that was Machu!” she screams with total satisfaction. “we finally scored, how was Picchu?”