Sex, Drugs and Rio’s Jesus Christ, Brasil

When we reached the paved road, we took a wile guess at what direction is Lago de Barroa, a small town on the way to our hostel.

“I think is to the left” Iza pointed to the left looking at a road that was covered in greenery with no sign of human life. We started to walk with a doubt and concern as we had no idea where we were.

Energy running low since we did not sleep even 5 minutes the night before, we danced till the sun was rising to Paul Oakenfold. No money in our pockets to take a bus as we got robbed few hrs prior. Not knowing how to speak Portuguese and all alone walking on the road with short shorts, shinny tights we were on a mission to get back and recap what the hell just happened.

After walking in one direction we had no other choice but to try to stop a car and ask for directions. Few attempts and finally a Honda with dark tinted windows pulled over. Two guys peeped their head out and we some how communicated that we need to get to town. Sure they knew how to get there and they offer us a ride. We were completely exhausted, so we jumped into the back seat.

“ohhh shit, where are we right now?” I ask Iza, while looking at the two guys in front of us smoking a joint and talking loudly in Portuguese. I spoke with them in Spanish so they assumed we were Argentinians and that is all I understood from their conversation. After smoking their joint and small talks, we had our fingers crossed while they drove us a good 10km to town. When we got out we had to walk up the hill for another 45 minutes to our hostel. What else is going to happen to us today?

“Girl. I can’t believe we got robbed, luckily it was just money, we didn’t have any documents in the pouch except $100, lipstick, cigarettes and the pouch.” I said, while taking out my yoga mat and getting ready to lay out on the deck.

Before we realized we got robbed we had an amazing time at one of the nicest beaches in Florinopolis, Brazil. We went with three guys from the hostel, they went surfing and we just relaxed on the beach. The waves were huge and the sun was shinning, we were in heaven and our car was touched by hell. We lost our pouch the guys lost everything, clothes money and car keys. After an hr of waiting Iza and I just left.

Ahhhhh Brazil!!!!!

We can’t help but laugh at everything we did in the past two weeks.

We arrived to Brazil in Foz do Iguacu, where we saw the worlds most magnificent waterfalls in 45 minutes. Rushing and passing by many tourists we occasionally got a peek here and there and snapped some pictures while running back to the terminal to catch our bus to Rio de Janeiro.

Upon arriving to Rio it took us 2 days to find and settle in a hostel that felt right. We end up staying 5 days in Che Lagarto. Where Caipirinhas were tasting better and better every night. Since it was a weekend we got extra lucky with parties. Met boys, danced with boys till the sun was shinning. Didn’t sleep much, didn’t see much and don’t remember much.

We walked on the same street in Copacabana, 10 or more times. Seen the beach, drank a coco agua while people watched. Completely missed Rio’s famous Jesus Christ, and the Sugar Loaf. It’s like going to NYC and not seeing the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. How embarrassing. But hey it happens, we can’t see everything!

On Copacabana beach strip, a little slum dog tried to rip my camera out of my hands. Thankfully I was holding it tight and Iza grabbed the string last minute. Otherwise I would have
lost my Life. Little shit head!

We did however go to a Samba night in Democraticus a huge loft club where the stage was full of musicians and the dance floor was in motion. Seconds into arriving I was drawn into the motion by a guy with a pony tail and kept flowing from hand to hand where my body was twisted in different directions. From tight body language to crazy speedy dancing turns I was in my world. I love dancing! Best night in Rio.

“We need to sleep, before one of us is going to collapse” Iza said with tired and hungry eyes.

How was Rio? Bloody! We danced, we partied, we danced, we kissed and we made love. I lost my rain jacket and my necklace. Iza lost her mind. So, we packed our back packs and took off to Florianopolis where relaxation was ahead.

How was Florianopolis? Even bloodier! Sleepless, we barely slept, party, danced, partied. Celebrated Iza’s birthday, partied. Jumped! Drank. Got robbed. Did yoga. Partied, and barely slept. Collected sea shells and got high.

We met one of the funnies guys on our travels yet, German Dress! A natural! Super hilarious. Yes, German Dress is his name, and he is half polish and half Argentinian, best yet he is getting a Polish passport and not a word in Polish. He has no money but lots of honey. He made our stay at the BackPackers Sunrise Hostel in Florianopolis worth while. I wish the world was filled with more people like him. Big-ups to German Dress. (I love his name)

To me Brazil was crazy, but to Iza it was even fucking crazier. What we imagined Brazil to be was quite the opposite. We thought It was going to be more jungle, more slums and more sun. Instead we got rain, city and white people. Copacabana in Rio was just like upper east side in NYC.

Week one in Buenos Aires is devoted to rehab and life recap.

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