Brisbane in one day. Australia.

“Sorry, but due to the Volcanic Ash spitting over Bali, your flight is currently delayed.” Said a flight attendant from the Pacific Blue airlines.
What, volcano ash?? We checked the news right before we headed to Bali and there was nothing in the news about a volcano ash. Ok so instead of 2.5hr in the airport we have 9hr. Great!

9 hours snooping around in the airport, only to be informed that our flight was canceled. When the wind will blow the other way then we can fly to Bali. But we don’t want the wind to blow the other way, why would we? We just got free visas to enter Australia and everything paid for.
Fancy hotel in Brisbane, with two big beds, white fluffy sheets, $50 food voucher to a fancy restaurant and a pool, gym and spa included. WHAT!!!
“I can’t believe that we are in Australia right now!” Iza said. This is fucking awesome!
Is it??? With visa for 7 days, and a Friday night in Brisbane, we choose the plasma TV in our room. Hell yeah this is awesome! We walked a few blocks here and there and return to eat like queens. Roasted oven lamb chops and a special ribeye steak, followed by a deep, dark fudgy warm chocolate cake. We were in sugar heaven and living the luxury life for a change.
Now, I know that this to some might sound normal, but after traveling for a year, and sleeping in dorm style hostels, having the opportunity to sleep in a fancy hotel is a big deal. All though living in Richard’s house was quite the luxury life style, we still couldn’t believe that we are sleeping in white fluffy huge beds.
Sometimes good things happen to good people!
The wind is blowing the other direction and we are flying with the wind. No turbulence.

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  1. nice. glad something good happened. can't believe you have been traveling for a year! damn girl. i am jealous beyond belief. that is so awesome. when do you plan on ending your awesome adventure?

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