The search for Bali’s magic begins. Indonesia

What to expect?We heard so many amazing things about Bali, Bali is beautiful. Bali is the shit. Bali is magical. You are going to love Bali. Wow Bali. The list goes on, think of a positive word and then follow it with Bali.
So we did, we thought of Bali in all its best hype. When we arrived to Kuta, to a hotel Tomy, a Finland guy we met while in Brisbane, recommended we were totally taking back and questioned ourselves. Are we traveling too long, and have seen so many beautiful places that Kuta Bali is actually looking like flies on shit.

Flying and buzzing scooters, annoying locals trying to sell you everything, “Yes, lady transport? Yes, lady you want to buy? Yes lady you want chicken? Yes! Yes! You want? Yes, cheap price for you. Yes, massage?” So annoying that you just want to smack them right in their face, really hard like you would want to smack that fly that’s buzzing right by you. But we don’t and just smile and say, No, No No massage, No chicken, No transport, No No No. No thank you. No, No. No thanks, ohh damn.. fuck you I said no thanks!

We plan, to get away as far away as we can from Kuta. A place, with shit load of everything in one tight box, and tourists all over it like is the place to be. The beach is terrible, garbage all over, dirty gray sand, New York City Far Rockaway or Coney Ssland style, random locals will ask to take a picture of you and if you say yes you will have the entire village line up.
Plain and simple, Kuta is totally not the place you want to be if you want to see this magical beauty of Bali. It does have tons of places you can party and lose yourself, but magical? I don’t know, perhaps when you try the psychedelic mushrooms that are easily found, then you will see the magic and you can fly to the moon while you at it. But we want to see the true magical place, a place called Bali.
We hopped on the fast boat and headed to Gili Island, near Lombok. No scooters, no cars, just flying horses and half naked man walking around proudly. This looks a bit more magical.
“I am digging this place” I said while eating lunch on our first day here and staring at the bluest deepest water and rainy cloud over it. “It feels different, it has a character, and people seem nicer and friendlier. I think we are going to spend some time here, perhaps 2 weeks? We can wait here till our friend Natalia will join us and then we can go back to Bali and explore, search for its treasure.
Maybe the magic is here, in the Gili Island? Snorkeling, scuba diving and the cherry on top, hit the drum please, an outdoor yoga studio with a great instructor. Some of you might know me, and some are just getting to know me, but if there is one thing that I miss the most from home is my yoga. Ohh how I dream of going to Bikram yoga or just any yoga, I miss the flexing, the backward bending, the challenge and the relaxing savasana. I have been thinking of joining a retreat, but holy crap the price for a retreat is just crazy. They are geared towards working people that can afford a $200 a day. Backpacking is a bit different we hustle for every penny.
Paying 75,000 IRP ($8) for a room a night, food will average to $8 a day and yoga another $7 per class. A total of $23 a day average living. That’s not too bad a 2 week treatment and relaxation will cost us $322 plus some extras. Quite a different price then the $200 a day yoga retreat. I am so excited; the best part is Iza is down to attend the classes with me. Sweet!
I feel the magic peeping in at Gili Island. Come on cheer for us!

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