New Life?

I made the move, I closed the yellow curtain on the overnight train to Chiang Mai. It’s just me, myself and I. Laying on the top bunk bed I have a choice to read my “Skinny Bitch” book on how to become a vegan or I can run away into dreaming.

Or maybe it’s time to face reality, and start thinking what I want to do, where I want to go, and where this change in my life will bring me.

The first year of traveling was an unforgettable experience. Mingling with people, observing  cultures, getting trashed, doing stupid shit, trekking mountains and simply living life. Never really worrying about money or what to do after. As time passes, and it really does fly when I am having fun, I am becoming more aware of it’s acceleration.

For sure, I don’t want to be back to where I left off. I never had a bad life, actually I really enjoyed my stable life, loved my job and the environment. However, I think life is too fucking short to spend doing the same thing. A well balance life is like a well balance diet. Never run out of energy and a little bit of new deals will satisfy my soul.

How do I even began to lay down my cards? Or is that not my job. Fuck it, it is my job. Its my life!

What do I “want”…

I want happiness and positive energy around me. A simple smile will get me off my feet. Socializing I enjoy, and happy people I want to attract. “Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy”

I want to be healthy, surround myself with natural living. Organic? Is that the word I am looking for? Or maybe is fitness. A 20 minute a day of cardio will keep the doctor away. Perhaps Bikram yoga? I love yoga, just sweat it off.

Healthy food? A good plus to continue the balance. No more dead animal intake!

I want love in my life, how can I keep my heart healthy without love. Not the kind of love that I will take for granted after 4 years. Is it possible to get a new toy and love it for life? I know it is, anything is possible. Just recharge the batteries and keep going. So I will look for the love that is looking for me. A love that will multiply my genes and glow with my happiness. So, yes, Aga too wants love!

Wait, did i mentioned money? Ohh yes, money is not important to me. Money is for rich people!! One thing I learned from traveling, people without money are happy. They might not think it, or know it, but they are. They have a spirit and appreciate everything. I don’t need lots of money. I just want to be who I am, and follow the green light.

Follow the green light till it turns red! Stop rethink and get ready to accelerate again!

Full Happiness, healthy living, and perfect love??? ohh yeah, I am totally dreaming.

I just killed a fucking bedbug in this damn perfect life and bumpy  bunk bed. Ohh tonight is going to be blood sucking feast!

But seriously, how serious am I? Now the question how?

Should I start by poking holes in my condoms?