I turned 30.

I am Iza… and I just turned 30!
— I am who I am… I will not go and hang with those guys!— she said tonight. I am 30 now, wow!

She is a person I want to know for life, a persona with courage, a person with care and a person with lots of love.

She loves green, organic green, and Swiss chocolate is the best.

Love for giving, love for sharing and love for what__________ (blank) you fill.

She is sitting next to me, concerned, about her number, caring about what we all cared about when we turned 30. 

—Girl don’t sweat it! Is just a number. You are getting smarter, and you are smarter. 
You are full of color and desire. Be positive and eliminate the negative, fighting the elements with the beam of your thought. You are the guru of colorful  life. 

Welcome to the magic year of 30, underground of the happy life. The life that reached happiness to care and share and experience.

I love who you are, and I admire your courage. 

We all love the vividness your beam and the smile you shine. With every element you give we take, run and learn your awesomeness. You freaking rock!

Boys love you and want you! Girls admire you and want to be you! Dress or undress you are beautiful. Knowing or unknowing you project happiness and are the best of the best. 

I can’t stress enough, you are the shit girl! You are my best friend. Trek many more paths and many more smiles plus wows. Smile, smile, smile to survive the best time of our fun time. 

I was better off then before – you said, after drinking the local Nepalese rum. 

Ha Ha ha… very funny you are.

— Girl you are only young.. I say.. You are not old or terminated, as the KitKat you are eating… 

—This rum will kill everything—you say. 

Getting back to what I was saying. 

There is not much I can say. You took the higher step, the Ying and our Yang.

I want to cry.— this is not the time. Smile, be happy and love your new 30. 

Take me as a true friend.

Happy Birthday. This is your day and your life. 


5 thoughts on “I turned 30.

  1. IZaaaaaa Happy Birthday!!! I wish you were here with us we would all eat tiramisu and go do something crazy and fun!!! like dance dance dance the this mess around!!! You here or me there I wish I was with you on this day because well you are 30 girl and that is one of those big huge gigantic celebrations and a new beginning. So drink for me and when I will see you guys in Morocco we can all make up for it and celebrate again and again and again. kissesxoxoxoxxoxoxxoxox miss yaaaaa

  2. Happy Birthday Iza!!!!!! I agree completely with everything above – you are the SHIT! Woo-hoo. 🙂

    Don't you dare worry about 30! Sorry I wasn't there to celebrate with you. Love and miss you, keep on rockin'. Christy

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