Lulu – me – aga

I am the sole shirt survivor an extreme rider, I am the original sleeve less Lululemon finder. 

Aga wears me out, gets me wet, cleans me up and folds me tight. I hear her heart, I make her shine, protect her sweat and cover her up. 

My name is Lulu-me-aga, second skin to Aga.

I don’t think she likes me anymore, I don’t see the sun no more. 

I’ve been colored boiled twice, from bright orange to light blue to dark purple. I am tired, stretchy and shine less now. I’ve gotten old, 20 traveling months old.

ABOVE: I was young! full of life and color.
ABOVE: Fading and stretching stages of my life. Working hard to keep the brand.
ABOVE: I turned dark, lifeless, and see through.

Aga is still full of life, I think she lived me out. 

It’s not her, it’s me. I am not good for her no more.

I think I will go.