A hug from Amma

— When I unpacked my bag, upon arriving back from India to Ireland, I came across a picture of Amma. When I visited her in India, I didn’t care too much of it, but when I held her picture in my hand at home something struck me, I felt this surge of energy. It overwhelmed me and before I knew it I was back on the plane to India, eager to see Amma again. — Said John, an older character we met in Rishikesh. — I just needed to see her, and feel her embrace once again.
Hanging out with John at the Green hotel in Rishikesh, we listen as he spoke Amma’s powerful energy. He was vibrating with color, vividness of love, and positive heights. Was it ganja? Or pure energy from Amma in his soul?

Who is Amma (Sri mata Amritanandamayi Devi)
“Amma, the Mother of All.” Motherhood, in its ultimate sense, has nothing to do with bearing a child, but with love, compassion and selflessness. A guru that embraces the world through darshan [divine embrace]. Grew up in Kerala in a small fishing village, where her life evolved giving herself to the needy and strengthening the atmosphere of human kind. She quickly blew up big or “Jesus” of today, some say. Amma has been embracing the world since she was just 17 years old, and she has been known to sit embracing people continuously for as long as 22 hours. In her arms people feel safe, feel comforted, loved, feel that finally they’ve found someone who knows them through and through. She is known to take away trouble and problems of ones life and put it all on her side.
Receiving funding from all around the world she build Amritapuri ashram (www.amritapuri.org), a living example of the ancient Indian ideal “the whole world is one family” (vasudhaiva kutumbakam). Here you will find people from all parts of the world — speaking different languages and having different customs and religions — all living under one roof. In their quest for the meaning of life, each has forgotten their differences and become a child of Amma, the mother of the universe.
We first read about Amma in Saraha MacDonald’s “Holy Cow” book where Sarah wished for big boobs before she hugged Amma. “You have to make a wish when you hug Amma and then it will come true” We read it, laughed at it and never really though of anything more then just another person on the quest to be famous. However, after speaking with John, and feeling his strong energy we decided to meet Amma in person.
Hot Toddies Journey to see Amma.
Getting off the ferry in Amritapuri ashram we were shocked at the size of the sky-high buildings with hundredths of rooms located between the Arabian Sea and backwaters of Kerala. — Wow, I hope we have a room at the very top of that building— said Iza, when I video her for Prosto z fotobudki. We checked in, and checked out the ashram. We stood out like a sore thumb, Iza was wearing her vivid blue dress and I was wearing my vibrantly colorful skirt in a crowd of white, most of the people living in the ashram wear white symbolizing simplicity. It’s a mix of Indians and westerners in devotion to god and on their quest for the meaning of true life. We looked confused.
I was out of energy, I didn’t sleep much the previous night and I felt energy less. Karina, our roommate was convinced that it was the shift of energies in the ashram. — This is normal, especially now that Amma is back in town. — Energy less it was an early night for us, we slept like drugged babies through the night.
— WOW, Aga you have to see the view, hurry get up and check it out.— Excitement in Iza’s voice, got my ass up out of bed. She wasn’t kidding, we were blessed with a sweet spot on the 12thfloor. The view was rocking, with millions of palm trees, to the right was the Arabian Sea and to the left was the backwater canals. The chirping flying birds and the early sunlight brighten our day from the start.
We joined other westerners at the western canteen, where most of the westerners gathered around to eat less spicy and more common breakfast food. A cozy buffet served curd, muesli, dilis, and other healthy options. The western canteen food is not included in the ashram stay; only the Indian food on the other side of the ashram is included in the 200 Rupees price per day. Observing the people in the ashram, we realized that everybody is welcome; there is no way to characterize individuals who comes to see Amma. People from all over the world, different cultures, kids, teenagers, young adults, adults and retired all live under one roof with love for Amma.
It was a big day, Amma was back from her US tour. It was her first official day where she was giving darshans. We got a ticket and cruised around till it was our turn to show up for the queue.
Our friend John was also in the ashram, it’s been over 2 months since we met him in Rishikesh and we were eager to see him once again. We were curious to hear his sun watching experience. He stares directly into the sun every day at sunrise and sunset and receives direct energy from the sun. We consume sun’s energy from the plants we eat, or second hand energy from the animals that eat the plants. He consumes the energy directly from the sun by staring for few minutes a day. Interesting perspective.
With so many people around it was becoming impossible to find John.
It was our time; we got on a queue, and patiently waited as the line moved slowly to meet Amma. Everybody was calm, quiet, and in deep thought. What were we really doing here? What do I want to wish for? Is this woman for real? Can she heal, and give good energies? All questions were forming as we let hours pass before we got on stage. They called us, we entered through the side door, thinking this was it, we were surprised to see yet another queue inside. This time it was different, we were close to Amma, staring as she gave darshans we continue to move slowly and patiently observed her daily routine. Four days in a week she gives darshans, where she doesn’t eat, doesn’t go to the bathroom, just simply hugs people, and gives her good vibes away. She receives and she gives all day until everyone in the room is complete.
While on stage, Amma is surrounded by many people on every angle. In the front are volunteers who control the people that she hugs, in the near back she has Swami’s talking her ear up, in the far back there were people who come for half an hour at a time and simply indulge in the energy. Then there are the volunteers who pass her the holy cow powder and she passes on to each person she hugs. She is giving darshans and she is making business. One of the Swami’s was talking to her for so long that one lucky girl was being hugged for at least 5 minutes. I wonder how many wishes did she think of while being embraced.
It was time, the energies were getting stronger and it was my time to get down on my knees and hug Amma, or receive a hug, I shall say. — Where are you from? — Asked a volunteer lady. — Poland, I am from Poland.— I answered and felt her grab my head and push it towards Amma’s chest.  — I want to be healthy I want to be healthy and happy — I kept repeating in my mind as Amma grabbed my mantra beads and put them over my head. She smiled and pushed my head towards her shoulder, she said something in Hindi, let me go, and repeated it once again. Her face was brilliant, happy and vibrantly screamed of youth. Before I knew it I was up on my legs, wobbling to sit with the crowd on the back stage.
I plunged to my knees once again, closed my eyes and felt a surge of emotions take over me. I had tears dripping from my cheeks and I felt my soul high above, I felt a suction of energy from my heart, a ray of heat evaporating and spreading on others. I was dizzy, and didn’t know what happened. I was giving not receiving. I felt life less.
Iza was after me; with a huge smile she received a long hug where she had time to think in uninterrupted thoughts of happiness. She felt good and she felt the dose of energy enter her body. She wished simply for a good life, she though of her mom who she has not seen in years and felt the connection with Amma. While leaving, she had a nice glance from Amma and a smile she won’t ever forget.
Together we left the stage, and headed towards the room, with plans to leave on the 3:30 ferry going back to Kollam we hurried in silence. — Oh, shoot we missed the ferry by 10 minutes.
We re-checked into our room and stumbled into John as we ate late lunch. He looked the same as before, nice smile, positive attitude he joined us and we caught-up with good vibes.
Still feeling lifeless, we went back to the room to chill out. I instantly passed out and entered the dreaming world. Our roommate ran into the room with one word before we took off into the darkness. — It’s the full eclipse today.
Staring into the night sky I witness my first full eclipse. — Wow, this looks awesome — we were psyched. What a day, so much emotion, ending with even more emotions with the full eclipse. It was definitely meant for us to miss the ferry. The full eclipse was a small dose of instance calm energy.
Sunrise for breakfast, followed with an espresso. Not much to do, we volunteered to put together candy with holy dong powder for 2 hours. Mysteriously our names were once again on the stage-sitting list, 1:30 pm and we were once again on the stage near Amma, we sat on the side for half an hour. Meditation I would call it, I closed my eyes once again and this time my emotions were brining me to a higher thoughts. Life, love and current feelings were running as Amma’s presence help to guide me further out.
We left smiling in heat of the afternoon’s sun, hopping back on to the ferry to Kollam we smiled and admired in silence the backwaters of Kerala.
We are back home, Varkala home, one joint, one drink and different Iza. She is on fire, unstoppable, running a marathon, feeling the energy shift she is talking. Talking about everything and anything she is on speech overdose and expression power.
What did she really wish for?

Aga passed out on the way to Amma’s ashram.

On the way to Amma’s ashram

Morning view from one of the buildings in the 12th floor.

Millions of palm trees in Kerala

Amma’s ashram

Sunrise view from the roof.

Sunrise view from the roof
View from the roof of the tallest building in the Ashram.
To the right is the Arabian Sea and to the left is the  backwater canals.
John and the Toddies

On the way back home, energized Iza

Full of something, on the way back
The toddies are shinning with new spirit.
Afternoon scene on the ferry back to Kollam.

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