New Years Eve Mustache Style

Plans change at last minute when we decided to stay on the tea plantation and celebrate NYE with a Mustache at Shane’s bungalow. In three days we planed, set up and created a memorable party that will linger around for a while. Fliers were made in a day, given to travelers around Ella. Illegal wild bore was prepared by Shane’s cook and booze was set on the table. Giant Christmas lights and flashy lasers set the colorful mood and we were ready to party.

Iza, the artist of the night painted different mustache style on all guests and the music was loud. The Mexican was dancing with Hitler, Mariachi was kissing Harley and the clowns were acting like clowns. Magnum character was a hit and we all danced till the lights went out. Once again Hot Toddies created a HOT party!

Happy New Year!

1 thought on “New Years Eve Mustache Style

  1. Damn -is this shane-i know him from my college days small island after all
    .. nice party…..

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