The disturbed silent night road.

The silent night road, mild wind is o so slightly moving weeds, cows are half asleep still chewing. Darkness blinds the bugs,

Brrrrrrr.m, Brrrrrrrm, fast semi luxury bus is roaring it’s engine with psycho driver running on suicide juice.

Brrrrrrrrmmmmm, the wind increased. The weeds blew low, the cow stop chewing and the toddies hold on tight.

Left, right, up and down, we are moving, flying fast with a trauma. Boobs jumping, ass is tight we are holding on alright. The clock reads 16:16, but it’s really 4:15. Road darkness. No sleep, 6.5 hours and 2.5 more to go. Stiff chairs, no shocks, three in a space for two. The endlessness.

Music set on random, different song different emotion. Depression, happiness creates my mood, I am dreaming and thinking, thinking of you.

Loud music on the bus is forbidden me to speak. I am whipped like egg white on crack, stiff, whipped, and beaten.

I want to be loved. 

Is this a dream?

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