With wind we came with inspiration we left. Zahara de Los Atunes.

Went to bed at 2 am woke up at noon, a dose of daily orange juice, fresh veggie diet and learning Spanish slang was the norm. For the past 3 weeks we lived the mellow and witnessed the hectic life of Zahra de los Atunes.

Zahara de los Atunes small village on the Costa de la Luz, in the province of Cadiz located in the region of Andalusia. A sleepy town that comes alive during the summer season. In season it transforms from 1,000 habitants into a live bathing amusement for triple the amount of people. It becomes a place of sun, wind, food and good shopping getaway. It’s the quieter side to Conil, as Conil is known to have more nightlife for the young. Zahara de los Atunes is a perfect getaway from the hustle, bustle of loud craziness ideal for families as the night comes and silence proceeds. It’s also a perfect spot to spot Africa, on a clear day the mountains from Morocco can be traced in color.

Zahara de los Atunes is not named Atunes for any reason; it is the place to come and try its many Tapas especially tuna. Many great restaurants like El Vapor serve the funky crowds on the tight streets meters away from the beach. Normally Zahara de los Atunes is knows as a weekend or summer place for the most. For the Toddies, Zahara was slightly a different experience, different day different Tapa on a different plate.
We reunited with our friend German Dress, who we met in Brasil, hanged out in Argentina and now he picked us up in Tarifa, Spain. With slightly longer hair and more clothes he didn’t changed a bit, jokes and broken English was in full effect. He is still half Argentinean and half Polish, nothing changed. He brought us to a house, a “cultural house” where all the locals use it as a meeting point, and a quick break for a smoke. In the communal house, we met Santo, Italian who speaks good Spanish, Daniela Santo’s best friend from Italy who is Sebastian girlfriend. Sebastian, the other Argentinean is the “boss” of the house and German’s best friend from Argentina. All four, are collectively working together during the season and sell some of the coolest merchandise we have come across. They currently run 3 shops in Zahara. Al Parche, Con Luz Propia, Un Punado de Pearls, and another shop in Conil. The stores are known for creative one of a kind jewelry, funky clothes and a style like no other found in Spain. Like most they have started on the streets selling artisana. Sebastian designs his own line of bracelets that are unique and cool as hell. Actually everything we have seen in their stores was cool, the best things found from all over the world.
Initially we planned to visit German and chill by the beach for few days, those few days turned into few weeks, where days went by faster then Hareley-Davidson. Santo started the day with fresh cup of coffee, German made the best avocado sandwich and we continued to make lunch and sometimes dinner for the rest. Traveling in Asia and other parts of the world we didn’t have chance to cook, so we were loving to create fusion from what we have learned. A bit of Polish, some chapatti, and fresh salads was on everyday.
Everybody was getting ready for Samana-Santha, one of the most celebrated holidays in Spain, and especially in Andalusia. Shops were being decorated, interior and exterior were painted and dust-off was in progress. Including us and the guys were busy setting up the shops and getting them ready for opening. Since we have not worked in a while, helping was pleasure. It was also good to see the other side of things. Like the business coming alive for a seasonal sell. It was crazy, hectic and interesting to see all move forward and Zahara vividly come alive. 
Three weeks have passed and once again we have fallen into a routine and attachment. We found new friends, shared cool stories and rolled the blades. It was a house full of goodies and gadgets; I found my size roller-blades where I rolled late night on the streets of Zahara. One-day rollers and the next we biked at sunset through the unique view of wind power. We continue to travel and we continue to come across new and interesting panoramas. The uniqueness around Zahara was the many wind powers that created extra power and extra wind; for sure Zahara is a windy place. In the summer, there are days that tourists can’t lay on the beach, as the sand becomes a deadly nature’s weapon due to the crazy winds.
With wind we came and with inspiration we left. The more we got to know the crew, the locals, and the craze for Semana-Santa the more we fell into the hype. We dipped our fingers into the unknown business of selling, we invested in a variety of wholesale creative merchandise weighing easily over 20 kilos, chic clothes and creative jewelry. Once again something new, we are on a new mission, a mission to spread the love and make some money.
We see the light, the light is near, the end is coming.
Big Thanks.
Thanks to German Dress we have found our self in a new place.
Thanks to Santo for sparking up the daily creativity.
Thanks to Daniela and Seba for helping out and boosting us up.
Thanks to Tekila (Germans dog) for being around.

Daniela, Amurena, German, Santo and Iza

Samana-Santa after party.

Santo & Iza

Tekila & Aga

Power Wind Panorama
With the wind
German, Santo, Tekila & Iza
Silence before the storm.

Fishing for?
Aga & German
Conil de la Frontera
Hindu Polish Chapatti in Spain

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  1. hi Girls! im Daiana Sebastian's sister!!…
    very very nice pictures!! but i have to tell you that Tekila she is My Dog!!! My baby!! hope to meet you one day!!

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