Hello Mom

From the very South of Spain to the very south of Poland we landed in Krakow after 24 hours we arrived in Bieliny, a small village where Iza spent most of her childhood and teenage years. It’s been 8 years since she last seen her parents, her journey around the world actually began when she left in 2003 to the States on a tourist visa. According to the Polish Daily, United States is the winner for long-lasting vacation destination for Polish citizens. Once they go, they vacation forever and don’t come back.

“Really, I don’t want to go back” she said. She didn’t express the excitement to return home and pick up where she left off. “There is nothing there for me, I don’t see my life in Bieliny or Poland” Not even after so many years she felt the desire to return. If it weren’t for her brother’s wedding, she would have probably continued cruzing on other longitudes.

April 14th, 2012, a historic moment for Iza, and 26th month marking our journey around the world. Rafal, Iza’s younger bother picked us up from the airport; it’s been sometime since they last seen each other.  — So Rafal, has Iza changed? I asked. — She looks tan and skinnier.— he stiffly replied and acted a bit shocked.

The gate, opened, I grabbed the camera and Iza slowly exited the car. Her mother was taking down laundry and her father was watching the latest news on TV. A bit of commotion and a longed for historic moment happened in the front of the house. Slightly oblivious to the situation, her mother slowly began to realize that Iza had came back home; she had no idea that we were coming. It was a surprise. Holding laundry in one hand she stood there motionless while Iza embraced her tight. A tear dripped down instantly and shocked expression was easily spotted. In few seconds we all made noise and papa came out.

He didn’t recognized Iza, or us. He thought Rafal brought home girls for his bachelor party, which was happening in the evening. HA HA HA very funny.

We greeted her father and the rain increased.

The house smelled the same, the smell of cooking. —WOW, the kitchen looks smaller, everything seems shorter— Iza’s first expression upon entering the kitchen. Pierogies were in progress, it was the “Russian” pierogies that smelled so good. Perfect timing, pierogies are staple food of Polish cuisine and one of our favorite dishes we longed for.

Within few minutes everybody took their place in the kitchen and the conversation was about nothing and everything, Random sentences were formed just to fill in the awkward meeting. It was a historic reunion. — Hello mom, I am came home for sometime.