Nightlife in Nice, France

Nice offers plenty for visitors and tourists to enjoy, as it’s one of the most popular stops in France and provides sightseeing, dining, and nightlife options for people of every walk of life and taste. Hotels in Nice also offers casino games as an entertainment for their guests. So instead of taking a side trip to Monaco, which is also a known destination for high-rollers, they can just stay in Nice. Not unless they want to visit the iconic F1 Grand Prix race track in Monaco, they can simply take a short bus ride from Nice.

Regardless of whether you enjoy a quiet glass of wine or a night of clubbing into the wee hours of the morning, you’ll find something to enjoy in Nice. Below are just a few recommendations for some places to enjoy on your night out on the town:

L’Effervescence: Nice’s only champagne bar is a popular stop in the Old Town for a laid-back drink or two that won’t break the bank. You can also order simple platters of snacks including sushi or charcuterie to ensure that the drinks keep flowing and going down smoothly.

Les Smarties: Another small and relatively relaxed cocktail bar that caters to the crowd that enjoys a quietish drink with a little 1970s ambiance — but also with a dash of current music and style that has plenty for both young and old to enjoy.

High Club and Studio 47: One of Nice’s hipper and hotter nightlife spots, these twin clubs go after two distinct audiences, with the young hipsters hitting up High Club while Studio 47 goes after the more mature crowd that enjoys lounging in the leather armchairs and enjoying a drink or two.

Le Staccato: This isn’t just Nice’s top jazz club but it’s located in an authentic jazz cellar, with loads of atmosphere to accompany some of the amazing jazz that you can take in here throughout the year. Unlike gambling at video poker, you’ll find amazing music here every time you drop in.

Wayne’s: If you’re a little homesick and looking for a typical British bar, this is your best bet as it has live music and DJs as well as plenty of typical pub grub such as beef and Guinness pie, fish and chips, and chili beef.

Le Klub: Don’t let its unassuming appearance turn you off, as this little gem tucked away under a block of flats on a side street is one of Nice’s hottest nightspots and underground clubs, with tech house, deep house, tribal, minimal, and electro to enjoy until 5 AM in the morning.

Opéra de Nice: If you’re looking for a more elegant night out on the town, the opera hall in Nice offers big, large-scale productions including Tosca, Les Contes de Hoffmann, Verdi’s Macbeth, Beethoven’s Fidelio, and Carmen.