A bad CouchSurfing experience.

Well Hello Hello! 

Izy and Aga, how’s it going? 
Wow you two look super cool and crazy (in the best way possible of course)
I’m not sure if tiny Sri Lanka is ready for you girls 🙂
Your travels sound amazing and wonderful. 
I would love to host you but It will not be in Colombo during your visit. 

If you are unable to find a couch through this website,
I can recommend that you contact my good friend Dave.
He has hosted a few other couch surfers who contacted
me first and could not find a place.
He is an ultra chilled Australian guy living in Sri Lanka and he has a pretty sweet apartment and pool. We moved to Sri Lanka together.
 He is a Dj and has been living as a nudist now for about 4 years.
He hosted some of my friends from Poland and Germany and they had a great time. He knows Colombo and Sri Lanka inside out.
If you enjoy drinking partying and yummy street food, Dave is the ideal guy lol 🙂
He is the life of the party and I’m sure you guys will paint the town red. He has a DJ gig on the 17th though. 
but he might be free on the other days. 
So if you don’t have another option contact him via email _______or phone ______ and see if he is free. Just mention my name.

If you do find a couch but just need some info feel free to ask me.

Hope you enjoy your time in Sri Lanka
Good luck.
Best wishes,

So we did, we contacted Dave, Dhevan’s, friend who happily agree to host us for our first 2 days in Sri Lanka, Colombo. We exchanged few emails, agreed to meet at the Hilton Hotel at 12:30 and we bought 2 bottles of Jim Beam from duty free upon his request.
Arriving to Sri Lanka was a pleasant surprise, as the Christmas Holiday filled in the spirit. We were not used to seeing holiday decorations. We met Dave at the Hilton, the Hilton was totally pimped out in the season’s dress. We got into his car and took off towards his house.
Dave was dressed sharp, business sharp, spoke very well English, and as always we started the conversation about traveling and all that stuff. — WOW, your place is sweet!!!— We were amazed. High above on the 7thfloor with a sweet panorama view of the lake, three-room apartment, with fluffy bed, pimped out bathroom with hot water and huge mirrors. It’s been a while since we have seen a modern apartment. Although, something was weird, as I though I’ve seen his apartment on one other couchsurfer’s profile. He assured me that it’s impossible, as he doesn’t have a CS profile. I brushed off the thought and it felt good, to know that we can recharge for 2 days in a somewhat luxury.
We unloaded and handed him Jim Beam. — If you don’t mind ladies I am going to have a drink.— He said.
—Do as you please, it’s your place knock yourself out.— I said, and glanced at the time, it was quite early for a drink but I figure we can join him for one. Running on only one hour of sleep from the night before we were tired, and knew that soon we would crash.
He fed us local Kotthu Rotti from his fridge and we continued to indulge in pleasant conversations. One drink passed another drink, three drinks and the bottle of Jim Beam was getting lower. He was drinking fast, his speech started to wobble and the music was getting louder.
So what did my friend Dhevan told you about me?— He asked smiling.
Not much just that you can host us.
He didn’t tell you guys that I was an alcoholic? Or a nudist?
 No. What do you mean a nudist?
Well, I have been a nudist for the past 4 years. I belong to a nudist club, sometimes we get together and have BBQ with other nudists. Basically everybody get together and freely walk around naked. There are strict rules, to be in the nudist club, to make sure that there are no perverts and horn balls.— He was speaking with a slight buzzed sound.
Iza and I were surprised to hear everything that followed. We were not ready for this; actually no one will be really. But we sat and listen to him speak about his small dick problem, his shyness to the world and his traumatizing feelings.
— The only way I feel comfortable with myself is to face the problem, and expose my small dick to the world. My friend suggested to join a nudist club to help me cope with my fears. I did and got over my shyness. This problem was huge, it interfered with going to the bathroom among other men, my sex life, and I was very self-conscious.— He continued.
We kept nodding our head, but silently laughed at the situation, we met many people on the road and everybody is really different, but this was an extreme. Before we knew it, he asked if it would be ok if he can get comfortable and take his clothes off. Again, it was not our place to say anything and curiously to see if he would really get naked we said — Yeah, do what you need to do, it’s your place get comfortable.
In minutes he was butt ass naked.
From that point on, things got weird; we kept on point to only look above his chest. Yet, curiosity wanted to look down and really see, how small was his dick. To tell you the truth, we both still don’t know, we never seen it.
The situation was beginning to get a bit out of control, as he continued to drink, and began to freely talk about his sexual desires. — I love when a woman takes over and f@#ks me up. — He was into masochistic pleasures and had a mistress who frequently came and fucked him with a red dildo that was on a shelf among other wood curved figures. We became more mobile in the apartment moving from the balcony to the room to the bathroom, while his naked ass kept following us.
Iza, was tired and wanted to go to sleep, I was out in the living room playing some tunes. I was bit buzzed but not as buzzed as he was. He kept coming up to me and massage my back with his naked ass. I kept turned him down, so he continued to try with Iza.
He became psycho insane, lying to Iza and telling her that there are people in the apartment who are telling him that he must “eat her”. He kept trying to raise her dress and getting her undress. — Do you need a lick? He said. Iza kept pushing him away, but he kept coming back and kept asking if she want him to eat her pussy.
When Iza, turned him down he kept coming to me.
At one point Iza was on the bathroom floor, hiding from everybody and close to a serious breakdown. I joined her, and used the bidet instead of the toilet. He followed me in and hid in the shower behind the glass.
Iza is on the floor, I am peeing in the bidet and Dave is naked in the shower. WTF.
At one point Iza and I locked our self in the room and he kept kicking the door like a maniac.
I passed out on the floor, I have no idea what happened, but my pants were down when I woke up.
   Aga, I have to go to work, see you guys in the morning.— He said.
It was 12 am and apparently he worked at some calling center in the night. I went to bed, and he wakened us both up in the morning. He was still naked, and he asked if we wanted a ride to the city. He needed to run some errands.
Iza felt like shit, she had the worst night of her life. She felt violated and wanted to run away. He left to the city leaving us at home, with plans to meet up later for dinner. We showered up, though straight and decided to pack our shit and leave before he returned.
Things began to not make sense. He said he was a DJ, but his equipment was in the shop as he blew up his system when he was playing with music. What DJ does that? Additionally he was not able to let us use his laptop as it also blew up and he gave that in for repairs along with his USB Internet stick. After walking around the apartment there were no traces of a guy feeling his place was spotless his fridge had only alcohol and candy from duty free shops. Something was fishy and we didn’t know what. Plus, this apartment I know I have seen somewhere. If there is anything good about me is my photographic memory.
Ready to leave, we put our backpacks on and try to leave through the door we came in. I freaked out when I realized that we were locked inside. Instant sweat started to drip down my chest when I tried to open the door and realized that we need a key. — OMG, this guys is a fucking psycho he locked us in.— I said, and quickly remembered that I’ve seen another exit door in the apartment.
Hey Ladies,
I was a little surprised to see that you had left.
I guess it was because of my bad behavior last night 🙁 
I feel really bad about what happened. It all fun and games until someone gets hurt.
I really regret what happened and wish to apologize from the bottom of my heart.
Being drunk is not an excuse, and I do take responsibility for my actions. 
Both of you seemed lovely and I enjoyed your company last night. 
I wish I could undo what happened. 
You did not even take the Christmas tea 🙁  so i suppose you must be angry with me. 
Please tell me what I did so that I can try to learn from mistakes and become a better person. 

Kind regards,
But wait! There is more…
Dhevan is actually David. He created a fictionist CouchSurfing account, referring people to David so he would not get a bad reference. Looking at Dhevan’s profile there is no image of Dhevan just his apartment. The apartment image is the same layout as in Dave’s place. A reliable source identified a picture of Dave as Dhevan. 
What a bad ass naked ass experience on CouchSurfing.  WTF.

(Since the incident, and since we have posted this post. Since then he has deleted Dhevan’s profile and created few other fictionist profiles on CS. Some of these names are Deno Debra, Alice Miller, Jason Day, Lisa Drysdale. CS team are aware of him and are keeping a close eye on his actions. He also, has used our name, our image to create a new profile with our information, however the information that he used was sexually oriented, making us look bad. Initially we did not want to expose his image, but it seems that he is more crazy then we thought. Attached we included his image.) Be aware of this guy.

This is an image that he sent us as Dave, so we can easily identify him when we meet. A positive reference identified this same image from Dhevan profile as Dhevan.

This shot was taken while Iza and I were on the balcony and he didn’t feel comfortable showing himself to the neighbors. 

30 thoughts on “A bad CouchSurfing experience.

  1. Saw your post on CS SL forum!

    Good that you managed to escape somehow.

    When I was in Egypt this month, a young local CSer was complaining about a lady surfer who tried to do weird things with him!

    This is deplorable how people use this space, i.e. the CS, which is created on trust and mutual respect, for purposes other than traveling.

    I guess Toddies would be writing a reference on Dave's profile so that it benefits others.

  2. I think you guys should report his profile to the admin….So that no other CS'ers are cheated…And don't let u'r CS spirit go down with one bad experience…I know its easy to say but just remember the good experiences…:) Happy travels…

  3. Ok I think someone has got to set the story straight ! I think as bloggers and travel writers the toddies are prone to exaggeration – thats putting it mildly. As the offender in question, I did host the ladies for a night, but none of the above unfolded.

    As an Australian living in Colombo I'm always up for meeting new friends. So when a mutual friend asked a favor I accepted.

    I think the above is a case of their imagination running wild. Maybe it was coz they had only one hour sleep, maybe it was the jet lag maybe it was a combination of the two combined with alcohol.

    I am a manager at a 24/7 call center in Colombo and had to make it to work the very evening in question. I had a few drinks but I was in Fine condition to report to work.
    I came home a few hours later and got up up bright and early the next morning as I had some matters to attend to. I asked the girls if they needed a ride into the CBD. They were struggling with massive hangovers and said they were in no shape to go into the city and would rather get more sleep. Aga apologized to me for being so drunk the previous night. I told her not to worry about it. She then asked us if we had sex the night before. I told her we had some sex, but did not go all the way as we did not have a condom. It was consensual sex and she looked and sounded like she was having fun, she even had an orgasm before bringing me to mine.

    It was all good in the morning. Aga was tired but all smiles. I dont know what effect the alcohol had on them to come up with this fiasco! Maybe they were delirious?

    Now they have come up with a twisted tale. It really does sound psycho! But my colleagues can vouch for me that I was not under the influence. I was able to drive to work that evening, while they were passed out and I was feeling fresh and energized the next morning.

    Just want to try to set the story straight.
    Many city apartments have the same layout!
    Does that mean they are the same apartment?
    I think not, even a blind man can tell them apart.

  4. If you ladies felt that you were sexually or mentally harassed by him I am curious whether you let the police know that.

  5. "Interesting" story. Even more "interesting" response . . . as someone that has met you on your travels I'll put a vote in for your credibility as will the the people that have hosted you on their couch. Peace Out. Charlie via Argentina.

  6. Dave, you are disgusting. I hope you get syphilis and chlamydia and that your small dick falls off.

  7. I think the story is completely fake. Dave's "response" makes more sense. If the story was true, why did the girls keep staying and not leave? Who DOES that? The fact they didn't leave straight away, if those things really happened, doesn't make sense.
    Also, why wasn't the police involved?
    I say bullshit.

  8. I agree with the above comment. One thing I got from the original story and the "response" is that they were still around chatting in the morning! Would you like some fluffy eggs with that sexual assault Love? WTF!!!

    Just does not add up. Its a funny story. Nothing More.

  9. Thanks for your support and for those who don't believe it that's your personal opinion. We did not write the story to make the blog juicier, we don't play with people's life like that, and if you know us we would never use a topic like this to make the blog HOT.

    If you don't believe it? Then why did he deleted his "credible" couchsurfing profile, if it's not true.

    Questioning, why we didn't run right away, how, and why was the Police not involved that night is easier said then done. We were in a new country, not knowing the area, the rules. Plus, lets make one thing clear, Dave (Dhevan) did not attack us. Perhaps he drank too much and the situation went too far.

    The situation seemed a bit crazy, so we left. It wasn't until we realized that he set the everything up, then the story changes colors. If you intentionally set something up like this then you are a psycho, and people should know about it.

    His profile was a fake, and we have confirmation from credible source.

    That being said, lets hope next time if he wants to have fun to be upfront with the people he is inviting what his intentions and expectations are.

    Yes, he did mention that he was a "nudist". For us that did not translate to sex pleasures.

    -Hot Toddies

  10. Obviously the two "anonymous" comments posted on January 3rd and 4th are by Dave. Dave, not only are you pathetic, you are also a moron. If you lived in NYC I would make sure that you get charged with sexual assault.

    Agieszka (not the one that is writing this blog) from NYC

  11. haha this is hilarious!! If you ask me I think the girl writing this is a psycho, not Dave. It's so obvious she made most of it up. Maybe something didn't quite work out between the three of them, maybe she was jealous of her friend or who knows and she wanted to get back at him in some way.

    First of all, none of it really makes any sense (supposedly she felt very uncomfortable, then why not leave immediately? Instead she goes on to pee in front of him and somehow ends up naked:)),

    Secondly, even if it did happen exactly as told, no-one in their right mind would write such an explicit and detailed porn novel in a CS reference. It would have sufficed to summarise it in a few words, something like "he behaved extremely inappropriately". But jeez. This is insane!!

  12. Dave aka Alison: As I’m sure you are aware, many blog and website administrators can trace the IP address of the person that leaves a comment. Even if you use a different computer, admis can trace the exact location of the person leaving the comment. So STOP writing. You have already proven that you are a pathetic moron. Don’t embarrass yourself even further.

    PS DAVE After I left my last comment, I knew that you would write something stupid and sign it with a fictitious name. Now I’m sure that you will change your IP address to a fake location, and leave another obviously delirious comment signed with someone else’s name. Of course, you are too dim-witted to realize that the way your write (your style, choice of words, issues that you address) give you away. So again, just STOP. No one wants to hear from you.

    Agnieszka from NYC

  13. fuck off. my friend just give me this link because i had the same experience last nite. my guest sneaking into my room and start touching me.
    it's easy for you who are not in this situation to comment : why you dont leave right away? why you dont report it to the police? etc…
    believe me, when you in this situation, you have no idea, your mind is blur, tryin to find the logic, shocked, everything is mixed up, and in the end if you feel stupid for not doing the right things !!
    toddies, you did right by writing this. doesnt matter people believe this story or not, but at least people will be aware of this shit guy !!
    i will do the same, go beyond my personal experienced and pain, make sure it wont happen to somebody else.

    Inna, Indonesia.

  14. I fully support Aga and Iza

    I'll like to tell you girls and other girls on CS that this is a thing which is happening with almost every CSer girl(foreigners) in India, be it Delhi group, Mumbai group, Bangalore group or whichever group.

    Main reason is, lots of fake people/criminals/stalkers/trolls/bad/goons/sexual maniacs have found out this community, and are misusing it to the hilt, when someone gets to know bout it and complains, these very guys and their groups get after them only and get them removed from CS and/or defame them so much by using their group of CSers and others that, these fake CSer criminals group activities continue..



    Indian CSer from Delhi

  15. Dhevan/Dave, you are a small dicked piece of dog shit. You're a psycho predator who set up a pleasure palace to trap unsuspecting couch surfers into your depraved sexual fantasies.
    The premeditation involved to set up this elaborate world, where you play an alcoholic nudist who happens to work overnight as a DJ or 24hr call center manager is by all accounts psycho.

    While sex with Aga may have been consensual by virtue of the fact that you got her loaded, ethically, morally, and fundamentally what you committed was rape.

    You’re fantasy reality makes it all too convenient to carry out this sick fantasy. Let’s see you’re a nudist with small penis issues and you like to get nude to face your humiliation, perfect excuse to get naked in front of strangers and test their limits. You’re also an alcoholic, perfect excuse to explain away your unacceptable behavior. You’re a DJ or overnight manager, perfect excuse to leave the scene of the crime and return to your wretched wife or overbearing mother to sleep your guilt off.

    Clearly the toddies tapped into a nerve when you felt compelled to defend yourself. In your defense you write:
    "I am a manager at a 24/7 call center in Colombo and had to make it to work the very evening in question. I had a few drinks but I was in Fine condition to report to work."

    Even if I chose to believe this comment, I'd also have to believe that you were sober enough to go to work, and therefor sober enough to know that you were taking advantage of a totally loaded Aga, who you probably dosed and didn't even remember the experience (not to say that it would have been memorable with your tiny little insignificant penis). In either case, it's rape.

    And poor Iza, she had to hide while a naked ashy Sri Lankan walked around nude asking her if she wanted a lick… gross bro. Who talks like that? You’re so pathetic. Mental abuse is what that is.

    Aga was spot on with her detective skills… As a DJ, I've never had ALL my equipment damaged at the same time. No sign of turntables, CD decks, a mixer, records, crates, cables, or monitors. I'm 100% confident that Aga knows what the home of a DJ looks like, as I'm a personal friend of hers and she's been to my house plenty. You're a fucking idiot. We ALL know that Dhevan and Dave are one in the same, we all know that you set this fantasy world up to prey on them, and none of us believe a word you say. Aga has done some more work to identify you, and I can’t wait until she posts your photo on the site so that we can all see what a sick deviant you are. You’re cover will be blown, the world will know and there aint a thing you can do about it.

    And as Agnes from NYC stated, it’s too easy to trace an IP address back to one location and yes, we can all see through your totally transparent anonymous responses. Do you think we were born yesterday just because you signed your name differently every time? I'm glad that you gave yourself a sex change and changed your name to Alison like the bitch that you are. On a side note, do your balls look huge next to that tiny little dick Agnes was laughing so hard about when she told me the story? Dude… she didn’t even remember sex with you. That’s how unmemorable you are. You’re a failure of a man.

    My favorite part is when you groveled on your knees asking for forgiveness. “Please tell me what I did so that I can try to learn from my mistakes and become a better person.” You’re a sad sad man, go kill yourself, it may just be the most important thing you ever do in your life.

  16. So wait… you got not hosted by a CouchSurfer but by a person you got the number and email address by another random CouchSurfer.

    So there were no CouchSurfing profile, no references, no verification, no vouches, no nothing – just an email address and a telephone number that you called/wrote to.

    You had a bad experience with this person you contacted outside of CouchSurfing.

    So how the hell has this to do with CouchSurfing at all???

  17. To the anon from Jan 18th: what difference does it make if it was a CS'er host from the website or not? A bad person is still a bad person and a bad experience is still a bad experience. And as a matter of fact, if that Dave was to be that Dhevan it certainly has sth to do with Couchsurfing. Btw, everybody has to start somewhere, the new ones don't have vouches, references, verification, etc. either. Are you gonna shut them down as well? Everybody can make a fake profile with a fake picture so your comment is just irrelevant. Nobody knows anything about anybody until you've met them in real life. That's a risk you have to take and you try and defend yourself in the best possible ways and warn people as much as possible. So stfu if you don't have anything useful to add to their story, like for example sympathy!

  18. I am sorry – I don't believe this it's all true. The language is too poetic. If it was 100% true the language would be much different.
    Even when I would really like to believe it:
    First – the ladies are too old to be sooo obiously childish and naive.
    Second – where were your brains?
    Third – where were your brains?
    You were just looking for adventure – and you got one.
    I recommend you to read the story of Beata Pawlikowska.

  19. actually i disagree completely. the point is the title of this blog is a bad CS experience. but if the nude australian was not on the cs site, it should not be titled this. Someone on the cs website, knows respect, knows references matter and knows about the moral obligations of cs… if i refer a guest to one of my friends my friend has no care about the site, no care about references and no care to uphold any standard if he does not want to…. it is not a negative on couch surfing at all…

  20. i think the girls wanna enjoy the facilities may be some good drink, the small dick :)…what ever all three enjoyed in their own ways …either drink or sex,

    but there is something i want to know from the girls..do u remember the licking???? and how small is his dick???

    I'm enjoying your stories..keep it going


  21. They believe the guys Dhevan/David are the same: putting up a fake cs profile is a cs matter. So if they believe that that is the case, I don't see why they cannot post under the title they just did and warn everybody there's a faker out there.

  22. Hahaahhhahhahh…Some cock and bull story..No a small dick and some shit story.You girls were not carrying two bottles of sacramental wine and perform some religious practise ,say holy mass by Dave.
    You girls took 2 bottles of Jim Beam and drunk.Almost 90% or more rapes all over the world is under the influence of alcohol.How do you gilrs go to a stranger's room and drink?And what do you expect to happen under the Dutch vigour?
    Ah..hhahahhahaha all going to the toilet pooing and pissing…brooooo hahaha..seems to be the beginning of some scat eating movies…or behind the screen Lisa Sparxxx video shoot!!!!

    There were no rooms in a well furnished apartment?Why didn't you run away from this mad ass-hole?(Oh you said that " that we can recharge for 2 days in a somewhat luxury."it means you didn't want to leave).

    If there was any thing called self respect or esteem you should have left the place at once rather than this allegator's tear later on.

    **lying to Iza and telling her that there are people in the apartment who are telling him that he must “eat her”.How many days you spent there to make people say this?How did people come to know that you are there and make them tell him to eat her?(It will not happen in a single day to make people say this.Isn't it?)

    And finally – **We showered up, though straight and decided to pack our shit and leave before he returned.**-why did you throw this packed shit on CS forum?

    I don't even justify this Dave bastard.He is nothing less than that of a perverteddirty mother fucker.

    **but my pants were down when I woke up. Does it mean that this batsrd gifted you the skills through a cunnilingus on you instead of Iza?

    Just keep in mind that when you point 1 finger at some one other 3 fingers are pointing at you.

  23. Totally agree with you Fred! Such a freaking loser. Do keep us posted once you guys put up a picture ok. I'll be sure to spread the word of warning to our fellow CS-ers and travelers. Thank you for the head's up!

    New York, NY

  24. Well have been following this thread
    about the bizarre unfolding of events.

    A few questions do come to mind.
    Just for the sake of clarity.

    Was there any use of any drugs during the day in question?

    If so was anything consumed knowingly or was someone drugged?

    If alcohol was consumed, what quantity and was it knowingly consumed or was another drink spiked?

    Was there evidence of any date rape drugs?

    There is mention in the comments of police and jail.

    This would enable one to presume if the behavior of the accused was indecent or criminal.


  25. Wow. Scary.
    To Dave /Dhevan: You do not actually look that bad in the pics. I think you should see a psychologist and work on your self-respect. You need God's love, and your own love, not this nudist shit. Really, Dhave, you don't need to make a fool of yourself like this. Sexual pleasure is best if there is mutual, unconditional love which you will never get until you stop drinking, getting naked in front of unwanting girls, scheming, etc. Start reading the Bible. Get a life. And forget these girls. Stop tracking them. Please.

  26. Oh my god. This is the creepiest thing ever. I've had some weird couchsurfing experiences but nothing like this! And the comments, what's up with this dude?

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