Back in the Ricksha, India

“You will either love India or hate it” so they say. Nearly a year has passed and I am back in the ricksha, driving mad man through polluted Delhi traffic, I am in the back heading towards Defense Colony, where Bogusia lives. My eyes are burning, dirt quickly filled up my nostrils along with India’s scent, the unique smell that some even notice while still in the plane. I noticed when I stepped out of the airport, it was that welcoming feeling of “Oh yeah, I remember this smell” I even think I said it out loud and this time to myself. Iza is not with me for this ride, it’s me India and 6 months.

What exactly am I doing here? I don’t know, time will tell. Apparently I belong to those who fell in love with India. Or so I think. I mean, after traveling to 7 continents, 33 countries in 2.5 years, I didn’t think twice, I come right back to India. Love at first sight. Ok maybe not quite first sight if I refer back to “holy cow, wow” post. But somewhere there at one point I was hit with an arrow, that pinned me to this land.

Perhaps this time might be different. I sort of know what to expect, I know where I want to go and what I want to learn. I will have more time to practice with Yogi Surinder Singh, yoga teacher from Rishikesh, who has more power then any other teacher I have practice with before, his energy is strong, pure and unique.

“I am coming back”. Is what I said after taking his class, and before I knew it I am back.

My yoga path is what I am here for.

In a day or two, I am off to Rishikesh, a holy city north of New Delhi. Where the Beatles found their inner piece through meditation. On the banks of Ganges, at the foot hills of Himalayas, away from the hectic traffic I will reside. Opening my hips, strengthening my core and brain washing my thoughts into stillness. I am starting my 200 hour yoga course with Vedangas Yoga.

This is a beginning, a beginning of a new path for me and lets see how much I will bend.

Somehow I took the prepaid riksha, yet the driver still wanted me to pay extra.
“Welcome to India”

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