The sound of Ganga is roaring by, I feel fresh, rebirth. It’s my 33rd, an add number that seems even. I only have 3 hours to myself, Vandangas yoga course got me busy, so busy that I didn’t realize that it is my birthday. It’s time to celebrate, but really is just another day. There will be no toast, no party no gifts. It’s me and my thoughts, in today’s meditation, I will make sure to make it special, I will transport myself into a different place, a place where my knees won’t hurt from sitting, where my asanas will deepen and my new path will continue in the positive direction. Where the sun will shine and the moon will regulate. Where my soul will be happy to the outside of the world. Where impossible become possible and where my mind will come into peace.

Actually I am almost there, but in meditation I will be there.

The local Baba’s, they got strengths, dipping into Gaga’s freezing water. It’s their daily ritual, puja. Is where they purify from evil and negativity, and feel blessed to be part of god, the god is Ganga. Perhaps I should try the same, now that would be a good way to start my 33rd. Or maybe not, maybe I will just watch, I am not crazy yet, I only turned 33. It’s cold In Rishikesh.

Three years ago, at 30 I took off on a different journey, I went to travel the world in search of the unknown. I don’t know if I found it, nor did I know what I was looking for, or was I even looking. But three years later I find myself out and about, once again away form home on a different road. Inhaling the new and exhaling into the world. I am living life with no restrains, I go with the flow and my body follows my soul.

There is nothing more I could have asked for my 33rd. Ok maybe to get this begging child into school, I am currently sitting near the water, and an 8 year old is forcefully selling her drawing. But other than that, I am happy and I see lots of light on my 33.


P.S ohh wow, so cool, I got an awesome treatment back at Vendangas, they surprised me with a chocolate cake!!!!! Yes, chocolate! These guys are amazing.

Thank you, it was super sweet.

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  1. Your attitude towards the eight year old child is something you should meditate on. One is all and all is one. Does not sound too peaceful. Just my humble opinion.

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