Gently release attachment-asana and step into worrier II

Half an hour after self practice Iyengar style yoga in Yog-ganga near Dehradun. I climbed to the top of the building overlooking the valley with the sun settings to the west. I am zen, relaxed, body aches feeling free and want to share.

Today’s thought? What it feels like to let go. What is it called when you hold on? Attachment-asana. We are so attached to things, feelings, places, people and emotions, but sooner or later the worn out fabric begins to fade and tear. Like my favorite purple pants that I bought in India last year. We hold on for security, sentiment, selfishness, desire or enjoyment. But sometimes you need to let go of the closest to your soul and as humans we adjust to all. With or without, living moves on.

Undress and face the mirror while you redress.

What is she talking about?

I recently let go not important what, just the feeling of letting go. Will time solve the emptiness and fill it up, will the longing fade? Will I be the same? Will I function once again?

For sure it won’t be the same, but, is that ok?

Letting go and stepping into the new seems like fear, but one shall not fear. It takes serious balls to drop everything and fleet into the unknown. Three years ago I did just that, with my dear friend Iza, we took off on a journey of a life time. We quit our job, sold our stuff and together we search of new experiences. We let go. We let go of statically dominated life, we let go of all we have worked for, we let go of the good the bad and state of certain kind of life. We changed the black to white that later formed the spectrum of our nomadic life.

The molecular from of our dynamic living shifted, we opened our souls and vividly entertained the ego that later pierced through and touched our soul. Our change tuned us into ying of the yang, simply from letting go. Are we better? Are we worse? To gain we experience and move on, and always in a way the imprint will remain.

Letting go is just a change, good or bad you might say. But I won’t say, is simply just a change. Change of energy, change of light, change of dynamics and change of time. And with time it will show, it will grow and it will form to something else you once let go.

Inhale and gently release the attachment, no fear, new beginning is what’s near. So I let go, good or bad it will all somehow evolve, but in a way I know that deep inside it will forever stay.

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  1. I know what purple pants you're talking about, Aga! 😉 I'm proud of you lady…it seems our YTT was the springboard for a lot of growth and learning for all of us. Just know that I am sending you love and light on your journey! xx – Jenny(ji) from the Block

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