Spiti Valley on a motorbike. India.

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 Photo Journey through Spiti Valley

Nearly 4 months passed and I, Aga, am back in India. Yes, back for yoga. More yoga, but before the yoga season fully started, David and I – along with our friends Nina and Daniel – decided to take a tour around Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh, in the northern part of India. 

Spiti Valley simply screams beauty, isolation, high Himalayas and rocky landscapes. Tibetan culture rules the valley, momos, thukpa, and tsampa is what we mainly ate. Monasteries, farming culture, high altitudes and amazing panoramas is what we inhaled and lived on.

The month of October was not quite tourist season, as the temperatures were dropping and Spiti Valley was becoming more isolated. Less tourists meant more freedom on the roads and often we found ourselves riding alone between the rocky formations.

One word, STUNNING. 

Luckily I had my GoPro, and SONY RX100 and was able to record some of the sceneries along with life and movement. 

Check out the video for riding movement and photos for jaw droppers.

Map of all the places we have stayed in for over night. (click to bring you to the full link)