“I was here” graffiti on State Island, NYC.

A while back I took a trip with one of my friends, who is a graffiti artist to Staten Island. This by far was one of the most secluded spots I have been to in a while. It’s part of NYC that most people would never even think it existed. Staten Island who? or where? Yes it’s one of NYC boroughs and it surely has many hidden urban treasures. Graffiti? Who does it anyway. Walk around Williamsburg or east of Williamsburg and you will definitely come across an art piece that most of us would call graffiti. But I have a slight different understanding what graffiti is.

I think there is a difference between graffiti and wall murals that we call graffiti. All the pieces that are shown on the images below say something different then the painted murals in Williamsburg or other parts of NYC like East Village. The intention and motives I feel are a bit different. I don’t think the graffiti that I took pics of on Staten Island was commissioned, nor even allowed vs some of the murals with positive messages or PR. These artist who tag the walls simply say one thing. “I was here” Like a dog marking their territory! With style they recognize and give props to one another. My friend seems to notice all the tags in and around NYC. Things that I am totally oblivious to. But he know’s, like a dog knows his kind, he knows.

Take a peek at what I would say is the real graffiti in NYC.