Mexico City

Viva Mexico!!!!!
Hostel 333 on Calima 333.
It was cold and freezing… I went through some seriously weird moods. Overall first night in Mexico City… hmmm lets see… sharing a hostel room with two other people with 4 bunk beds. I was on the bottom and a Brit was on top shaking all night. I had a hard time breathing and all night was filled with nightmares. But I survived.

First day in Mexico city, a bit better, drinking tea and eating toast on a flower filled garden followed by a tour around Centro Historico. Scared, new to traveling we only took two pictures.

Second Night, a freaking wedding party on the flower filled patio. We got shit-tequilla faced and a nice gentleman wrote me a nice note in my notebook.

“The best place to visit in Mexico is Guanajuato city. I can tell you this cause is my place you need to go to. (My name is Christopher)
– …….
-……. and many places to visit.

If you wanna go you can call me my home phone is ……. my cell phone is …… nextel ID ……. call me if you come to Guanajuato city and I can carry you anywhere”

I wonder if he will carry both Iza and I… !!