The Hot Toddies Unlimited Recipe

• One way ticket to Mexico
• 50-liter backpack
• D90 Nikon camera, custom made straps plus 4 lenses
• Mini tripod
• Iphone
• 40 GB of smooth operator music
• Military Iron USB key with self-destructive capabilities
• Space blanket
• A pack of condoms
• 86 GB of portable memory
• All-inclusive slick gadget that houses flashlight, compass, thermometer, and a whistle
• Cargo pants, jeans, 3 t-shirts, 3 pairs of quick dry undies, 3 pairs of smart wool socks, bathing suit, shorts, head bandana, rain coat, fleece, gore-tex shoes, and sandals
• Compress sack for clothes
• Blue, pink and brown UV sunglasses
• 50 SPF sunblock
• Highly concentrated blue liquid to wash everything from your teeth to your shoes
• 100 deet all bugs repellent including “El Hombres”
• Dog repellent (aka mace)
• Silk liner to prevent bedbug bites
• Quick drying and absorbent towels
• Earplugs
• Inflatable travel pillows
• Money pouch
• Master locks
• Small waterproof bags (aka zipplock)
• Hair brush, tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant
• 100 tampons (Cubans use cotton balls)
• Wipes and sanitizer
• Band-aids
• Eye drops
• Hair scissors
• Shit load of pills for when shit goes down
• Shinny lip balm
• Guide books for Mexico and Cuba
• “The girl with the dragon tattoo” book recommended by Mark
• Journal and two blue pens
• Some money
• Immunization record
• Wedding band (Play along.. I am married with three kids that are meeting me in the next town)

…Ohh shit and we almost forgot our passports

Put everything into the backpack. Close it tightly
open in a new life

Use ingredients wisely. Pase yourself…

4 thoughts on “The Hot Toddies Unlimited Recipe

  1. OMG… Agnes!! You are officially my hero!! what you are doing is complete freedom and sooooooooo AWESOME!! I'm jelly! :))
    I wish you and your friend all the best during this amazing adventure. BE SAFE!!!!
    and what's with only 3 undies/t-shirts.. but yet you also pack 3 sunglasses?? LOL

  2. Bon Voyage! We'll miss you while you're gone and we'll probably be haters on the fact that you're out there doing what we all wish we could do.

    While pasting yourself might sound like fun, you might want to PACE yourself…


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