R.I.P Lech Kaczynski

When we arrived to Palanque in a small mini collectivo bus. We were approached by an older Mexican man. “hey ladies, here you buy the tickets for the entrance, there you go in….” And on and on he went, since we get approach by many people trying to sell us things we usually don’t pay much attention. Trying to figure out, why do we need to buy another ticket after paying the entrance to the national park we started talking to the guy. Of course his first question was “where are you from?” after learning that we were from Poland he started talking to us in polish!! Wow!! “What a Mexican talking in polish, what ruins did the collectivo took us to.” His polish was not fluent enough to have a conversation but he did know some impressive words. After we asked him where he learned his lingo, he smiled and said “woman”. Lol.

Really shorly after our short talk, he mentioned our polish president. “your president is caput” and he made the international sign, hand under the throat thing. Hahah after laughing at this man’s sign language and facial expression we were like WHAT? Our president is dead? HOW??? And he did the plane flying and crashing thing with his hand.

Completely not what we expected to hear entering the Palanque ruins but it was definitly shocking news. Shortly after the tour, we ran into an Internet cafe and sadly it was true, our Polish president along with his wife and many important personales were in a plane crash.

This is very, sad and we send our condolences. We are very sad that we can not be in Poland at this time with our friends.