Samana Santa in Oxaca, Mexico

Semana Santa, the holy week in Mexico. And holy Santa it wasn’t all that.

Oaxaca city is known as one of the major cities that celebrates Semana Santa with many street festivities and religious parades. This stop was definitely planed in our journey. We decided to stay here for a week, and celebrate the religious events. Palm Sunday was as far as we got. Iza made a cross from the palm, we hunted down the priest to bless it, and now we use it as a bookmark in our Spanish dictionary. That’s as much of religious events or things we attended or participated in. The rest of the week we hanged out, met the locals and just got trashed on mescal in the Zocalo.

Oaxaca city was alright, many people, nice architecture, and just another city. We toured around, walked to every corner of the city and often sat around and just people watched. One night we stumbled upon a documentary movie being shown on one of the main streets. It was super nice to just sit under the stars with street lights and watch a movie in English.

However, the highlight of the city for me was the local crafted people that make a living from their talents, and I am not talking about the Mayans who dress in traditional clothing and make traditional Mexican textiles. I am talking about the young Rastafarian generation with long dreads, big earrings and shinny red eyes. Yep, the local street peeps that are very talented and crafted.

I was very impressed with the style of their jewelry making, especially with the hand made bracelets and necklaces from thread. So much so, that I approached one of the guys and asked him to show me how they are done. Angel, a 20 something year old, was very happy and cool with showing me how to start and how they are done. After purchasing some thread, i spent an entire afternoon learning how to make these knots that make the bracelet. I am excited as this is my new hobby and I plan to make money and become rich from this, and sell them as we travel 🙂 not to mention perfect time killer on a 20hr bus ride.

On Easter day we had a nice getaway to Hierve el Agua, a set of natural rock formations that look like waterfalls. On top of the waterfalls are two water pools where people can swim and overlook the beautiful views of the mountains. We end up going there twice, first time with a tour guide bus that only gave us 45 minuets to tour the entire site. We fell in love and made it a point to come back and spend an entire day. So, we round up some peeps from our hostel, filled our backpacks with veggies and fruits, and made a day of hiking, swimming and just enjoying the views. Our friends loved us for bringing them there and had a great time. This place was the highlight of Oaxaca city. Also, never take tour guides they are such rip offs and you don’t have time for anything!!! This was first and last time we took a tour guide.. 🙂

Our travels to Oaxaca city ended with a night out to a local bar with live Afro Drums and a local Mexican girl loosing herself to the music with African dance vibrations. It was quite amazing to watch and hear. This was just straight up pure joy and pure sugar satisfaction, I had goosebumps all night.

So much for coming here to celebrate Semana Santa 🙂