4th month of randomness.

May 26th: 12:38. Costa Rica
On the bus going to Puntarenas, in the rain, we are surrounded with overload of greenery. Costa Rica is so green. I love it.

May 27th, 4:43 pm. Costa Rica
In Luna Llena hotel, cool environment, but it just won’t stop raining! Damn rain.

May 30th, 2:39 pm, Costa Rica,
On the bus to Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica. Just passed by the most vibrant, vivid red flowers. Wow, like shrooming or something.

Tried hitch-hiking today! Iza had on the shortest shirts and no luck!! What is wrong with these people.

Also, I am on sugar high! Just drank one of those capuchinos similar to Starbucks. Wow I am high, and I have to pee.

Costa Rica’s flag colors should be green, blue and white! Green for how green it is, blue for the blue sky and white for the white fluffy clouds.

• June 6th, 3:40pm, Panama, Shopping shopping!! First time in a mall since NYC. Wow!!! I miss shopping. Panama City has some amazing shopping malls. This city is a totally surprise, so modern and rich. It has all the name brand stores like in the US.

June 7th, 7:90pm, Panama. Decided to treat myself today and I got a facial. Paid $36, for an hr of the most painful facial I’ve ever got. Ended up with a frozen mask which I thought was going to freeze my brain. Results… My face is the smoothest its ever been. Let’s see how long it’s going to last.

June 8th, Saw the Panama canal, wow the ships are absolutely enormous, and the canal is very impressive.

• on the way to the canal taking a chicken bus, Jenny was almost robbed on the terminal, her bag was opened but Iza noticed the pick-pocketer. Bastard, it all happened so quick, but luckily she had all her stuff.

June 10th. 12:34am, Panama City. Smoking a Cuban cigar, with Iza at the Jungle house hostel. Wanna join? We also have Abuelo rum!

June 11th. 2:30am, Panama City. Played the roulette in the casino. I bet Jame’s $5 on black 14. Everybody started to scream not to bet on one number like that. Right before it was cut off time I panicked and took it back. The ball fell on black 14! I was so upset that I listened to them and they were all super surprised. I took the $5 chip walked around and went to a different table, placed it this time on red 23. The ball landed on red 23!!!! Whaaaaaat! We won $185 or something like that I was highly intoxicated to remembered the exact number. James gave me half. I was the talk of the night. You got to trust your first instinct.

June 11th, 5:05pm, Panama city. Had a girls night, went to the movies paid $2 and saw “Sex in the city”. so freaking funny. Go see it!

June 12th, 10:13am. Panama City. Just noticed that I chipped my front right tooth. I have no idea when that happened.

June 14th, 10:00am. Panama city. Today made 4 months of our travel.

• June 14th, Panama City. Finally made it to Casco Viejo, after a week of trying. The old city.

Natalia is coming to meet us in few days. We are working out every morning so she won’t say that we gained weight.

Our 5th month we are going to spend in Columbia, Equator and Peru. Yey cooler and dryer season.

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