5th Month of Randomness

June 15, Cartagena. Arriving late night we settled with the first Hostal available. The room had a ceiling made out of plywood’s that were once part of a wooden box to transport Motorola parts. Also, it had this amazing glass door to the bathroom, where Jenny and Iza had a show, while my body was trying to catch the water that was spraying everywhere except me. Iza is convinced that she saw small animals. But didn’t mentioned it in front of Jenny.

June 15th, 4:37pm, Cartagena, Colombia. What does a payphone look like in Colombia? 5 or 6 mobile phones tide to an outside table with someone sitting next to it, 200 pesos for one minute.

June 17th, Cartagena Colombia, we finally decided to treat ourselves and got a room with AC, for the first time, what a difference. It’s extremely hot outside. But I actually was cold at night. Come on! I am a girl, trust me it’s never perfect. But it’s good to treat yourself.

June 18, Cartagena. Almost bought a Pitahaya Swimsuit, Colombian creation. Very expansive but my eyes were thinking, not my brain. It was really nice, red with a cool graphic design. Lucky for my brain every time I went back to purchase one, the store was closed. Lazy workers! I was ready to splurge.

June 18, Cartagena. Finally ate an arepa, a typical Colombian food, similar to a tortilla made out of corn. Last time when I was in Colombia my taste buds had a love affair, never forgotten the fat, juicy, salty, greasy taste, of cheesy, buttery arepa! I want more!

June 18th, Cartagena. We stumbled upon the best best best local Colombian bakery spot, La Esquina del Pan de Bono. Finger licking, thumb sucking pastries, with the best happy ending I ever got. We just couldn’t stop eating, one after another and another. If you are ever in Cartagena, do not miss this pleasure heaven of Colombian Dulce y pan. Even the locals were all over the counter.

June 19th, Natural spa treatment!!!!! Went to a Mud Volcano, where we dipped our full bodies in a mud. We, plus 30 people in a 9 meter square space. Jumping in I was grabbed by a local who was working there as a masseuse. I was rubbed, touched and molested, all in 5 minutes. Iza skipped the massage and made funny faces while covered in mud. Quite an experience. Jenny skipped on the spa and clicked away at our retardness.

June 19, Cartagena. Few hrs later on the bus… I have mud everywhere, up my ass, in my ears, in my hair, belly button and on my clothes. It smells like shit. Natural spa!

June 20th, Santa Marta. One glass of wine, then another, then another, and then we were drunk and had another.

June 21, Tayrona Park. Hike into Tayrona park. Tall trees, good oxygen, half beach, half forest. Jenny leading the return hike with an accelerated Asian speed, where for the first time the Polaks couldn’t keep up. The hike was finished with red flush faces and our driver picked us up with hot arepas. The driver, Jose, 30 something year old, fell in love… But that’s a different story, different blog entry.

June 23, Bogotá. I am in love with this city and I don’t know why. The citie’s art is on every corner with graffiti style expressionism. The vibe is fabulous and the people have style. I can live here.

Bogotá’s bakery’s keep rocking!! Ohhhh, how i love Dulce de leche. Pasties!!! Iza is in haven, and I look pregnant.

June 24th, Bogotá. A day of hormones! Iza is completely out if it, no energy, no desire. Jenny is not talking, possibly in a hormonal disaster. I am about to run far far away and eat a jar of vanilla ice cream. Compromise? I think the day can be saved with a double chocolate brownie.

June 26th. We flew into Medellin, Colombia. This is the first city on our journey that I have been to already. It’s good to be back. Met up with some old friends and realized that 6 years went by in 10 seconds.

June, 27th. Medellin. Took a cable car up the steep hill, below we saw Madelin’s heart and soul. The not so rich people who live clumped together with joy. We grew some balls and got out for a walk, we were approached by 4 young boys who were amazed by Jenny the rare Asian.

June 27th. Medellin. I had the biggest burger in my life. It was a street vendor who showed off in his burger size. My delicious calorie packed burger included: Bacon, a huge slice of ham, cheese, sauté onions, tomato, lettuce, coleslaw, chips, and shit load of mustard all in one bun. It was huge! I am proud to say that I ate the entire burger. Jenny gave it a shot, but gave up on the coleslaw. The gondola was hanging low on the way back.

June 30th. Medellin. So long story short, traveling makes everything irregular, food, time, sleep, money, people, and even your menstrual cycle. I fell victim to it. I didn’t get my period for over 4 months. All good, but not really, I finally decided to visit a doc. Made an appointment to a GYN, so I thought. Until, I was sitting in the waiting area and read the tag-line under the Inc Reval logo on the wall “Instituto Colombiano de Rejuvenecimiento Vaginal con Laser” omg! Where am I? Vagina and laser? I just have irregular cycle, but I like how my vagina looks. I freaked out and had the panic look on my face. After few hrs of Spanglish and tests, my vagina was untouched and I learned that I have a lazy ovary. At least that is what the sonogram read.

June 30, Quito, we are currently staying at the best Hostal yet, Hostal Piemonete. We are the first guests staying here, they are brand new, everything is new. The owners are the warmest and nicest people we came across. Clean sheets, new beds, fresh paint and a private bathroom.

We had home style made dinner tonight at Santiago’s. Veggie soup, rice, salad, and pork-chop with juice, all for $2.50.

July 1, Quito. Took a walk in Centro Historico, steered off to a less touristy street, taking pictures we were approached by a 20 something year old and his mother. They told us that it wasnt safe there and that there were three guys following us. They escorted us to a more safer area and insisted that we put our camera away. We were approached 5 more times by local Ecuadorians informing us to put our camera away as it’s not a safe place to take pictures. In Quito, there are many thefts specializing in stealing cameras. Everybody that we talk to about Quito warned us about pick pocketers.

July 2nd, Quito, Ecuador. Natalia joined us for 10 days. And Jenny is leaving us tomorrow, to go to Eastern Island. I think she gave up on the Hot Toddies!!

June 3rd, Quito. Whoop whoop!! Who was in the middle of the earth today! Huh?! Huh!? WE WERE! One foot on the north, one foot on the south. Aha!! Yep yep. Suckersss.

July 3rd, Jenny left us today 🙁 She is going to see the Eclipse in the Eastern Islands. I hate her!! I wanna go!!! Who is going to help us out?? Who is going to take care of us when we need to wake up early? Who is going to make us some good Asian home cooking?? Who is going to tell me how to get rid of my belly? And most importantly who is going to be there to attract mosquitos???!!!

July 4th, Quito. It’s just the three of us. Three polish chicks. I am having a hard time switching to polish. Used to talking English when Jenny was around. I am talking half Polish half English with a Spanish accent.

July 5th, Wow!! we were at 4,100 meter above sea level today. Holly crap, that’s high people.. Natalia, couldn’t breath and it took us an hr to walk up a small hill. This is the highest I’ve ever been. For the record, Quito is the second highest capital city in elevation in the world. La Paz in Bolivia is the highest capital.

July 6, Banos. Biking time, along a road surounded by the most beautiful views of mountains, and waterfalls. This is where I start to think that Ecuador is the most beautiful country I’ve seen so far. “Wow!! Amazing” Is what I keep saying. Ask Iza!

July 7th, Banos. Blue eye dream! So I had a dream, of a bla bla bla bla and a guy with the most beautiful blue eyes. We were under water and he was holding me down under, I had to kiss him to free myself for air. But all I remembered after I woke up was his amazing crystal blue eyes. In the afternoon we went to a bar/lounge to see a football game (Germany vs Spain). While excited, and eyes glued to the small plasma TV. A local cat resident started to walk towards us and jumped onto my lap, looked at me straight into my eyes, with the same crystal blue eyes. Purred and digged into my arm. What a beautiful blue eye cat it was. Hmmm, what are the chances? Anybody a physic out there? Blue eyes! Kiss! Cat! football! The girls, predicted that I was going to get my period. HUH!?

Same day, same place. Natalia insisted that I approached the Rastafarian, guy with dreads and ask him for some weed. It’s her vacation, and I am a good friend so I score some for later.

July 8th, Banos. Walk up early, took a nice hike up the mountain. Saw amazing view of Bano from above. Hiked more and kept on coming across the best views we ever seen. Eventually, we made it to a fancy hotel up on the mountain where we planned to have lunch. Luna de Runtun, turned out to be a dead zone, with no one around and the restaurant was only going to open at 1:00pm. We had 45 minuets, so we sat on a grass on a hill. With Iza’s brilliant idea to puff puff the magic joint. It was a nice sunny day and no one around, why not. Sun, weed!! What a combination, gets you double high. Natalia showed us how it’s done and she inhaled with out almost exhaling. “Three breaths in, hold it, one more small breath in, hold it, and exhale.” as she demonstrated. Wow… U smoke like a chiamp! Few more minuets passed by and Natalia laughs. “shit this weed is strong, today I feel it” lol no shit you smoked it like a chiamp! Vacationers I tell you. She wanted to eat everything on the menu and stayed wearing her sunglasses while eating. Muncheeees. 🙂

July 9, Quilotoa. Stayed at a Hostal with the biggest culture shock experience, and we survived the coldest night with only 4 pieces of wood for the fire. Saw the most amazing view, my eyes yet have seen…

July 11, Latagunga. Last day with Natalia. Final day for football. Spain vs Holland. Latacunga the smallest village with no sports bars, and a Sunday dead town. In search of a good place to swing with the Spanish fans, we got stuck in front of the smallest 22″ TV and Poland’s 80’s year TV static resolution. Surrounded by a mob of Holland fans we silently cheered for Spain… And loudly screamed when they scored to win.

July 14, Cotopaxi. 5th month of traveling completed, and 5,000 meters above sea level checked…

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