Six months of traveling. Hot Toddies in numbers.

And the run down is…
• Visited 2 continents and 13 countries.
• Spent 181 nights in 51 diffrent beds, and hammacks in 51 diffrent hostels, hostals, casas particulares, hotels, private houses, buses, tents and boats.

• We spent 222.5 long hrs on all kinds of different buses, big and small, cold and hot, chicken buses, vans, minivans trucks, colectivos, camionetas, taxies.
• 18.5 hrs on airplanes.
• 62.5 hrs on ferries and boats.
Who else is on the road? Except us, the Polish girls:
• Germans, they are everywere
• Holland
• UK
• France
• USA, mostly from California. No backpackers from NY.
• Australians
• and 22 year old Isrealies
We heard about one Russian girl backpacking around, but we didn’t meet her. Don’t know if that counts.
It’s all about the food.
We eat and drink everything and everywhere, on the streets, in the markets, fancy and not so fancy restaurants, and home cooking. Our favorites:
•Tacos in Taxco, Mexico City and Guanajuato.
• BBQ chicken in Livingston, Guatemala and Altagracia, Isla de Omatepe in Nicaragua.
• Mango, goat cheese home made pizza in Secret Garden Cotopaxi, Ecuador.
• Peanutbutter shake in Utila, Honduras.
• Everthing with dulce the leche made in Colombia especially pastries.
• Ice cream from Ecuador.
• Brownie from Quito, Ecuador.
• Mangos straight from the tree at Isla the Omatepe, Nicaragua. 
• Papaya, pinaple and avocado from Mexico.
• Rum Flor de Cana, Nicaragua
• One Barrel rum with fresh coconut water, Belize.
In sickness and in health.
• The leader is the shitty diarrhea fallowed by
• 1 swollen foot
• 2 ear infections
• 3 colds
• 1 pterygium
• 1 bladder infection
• 1 dengue fever
• 1 lazy overy
• many sunburns, sores, bruises
• Plenty mosquito, sand fleas and some other flying insects bites
• Plus a shit load of hangovers
Overall we are happy when not suffering from diarrhea. And we have not used our health insurance yet.
Updates to hot toddies recipe (first post).
Whats new?
• 4kg heavier backpack, loaded with new bigger clothes to hide our money pouches and our new sticking out stomaches
• Yoga mats to get rid of our stomachs
• 4 new pair of shoes
• Huge book about South America by Lonely Planet and “The girl who played with fire” by Stieg Larsson,
• Pen to purify water
• Water botles
• iPod speakers
• Some more medicine for diarrhea
Things used the most
• sunglasses
• Iphones
• swiss knife.
The least things used
• tripod
• iron key
• condoms.
The biggest looser
• Iza, smaller by 8lbs.
• Aga, bigger by 5lbs.
44 GB of great photos and videos.

Things we don’t like
• reggaeton
• rice
• taxi drivers
Our recommendations
Places you should see:
• Guanajuato, Mexico
• Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica
• Quilotoa Creator Lake, Cuenca, Ecuador
• Huascarán National Park, Peru
How much did we spend so far?
• Transportation: $2,000
• Lodging: $1,431
• Food: $1,755
• Attraction: $719
• Personal: $930
Total spent: $6,835
We highly recomand you start traveling.

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