Morning full of puss…

I got up out of nowhere, I am full of puss and itchiness. Go ahead touch me! I dare you, squeeze me and I will blow in your face with an explosion you won’t forget. Ugrrr, I am so red and ugly! I will keep talking shit till you make me bleed! I am THE ZIT on your face and I am here to fuck with your beauty.
No! You will not button me up today. I refuse to be folded and squeezed into those size 2 jeans. I am a big boy now and I have grew few more inches. Feed me more calories and I will grow magic. I will turn into a blue berry muffin top, just for you.

I don’t need no spray to help me grow, I am a natural baby! I am sharp as your Swiss knife and funky like your the blue cheese. I am the big toe calling for some action. Give me some love woman!

I am slightly overgrown and shapeless, if this would happen to my friend he would become a uni brow. But I ain’t got no moisture to help be bush, instead I give off stringy one-of-a kind loners which grow sideways. You can call me the the hairless brow, so paint me on lady.

Agrrrrr….Where is my NUTELLA!?!?!?!