Sex and the City. Bangkok Edition.

(Pardon the lateness and out of date-ness, this post should have been posted without any delay-ness. Due to zero WiFi in Myanmar it’s been sitting in the doc folder waiting for its release.)

Forced back in Bangkok.
Unhappily arriving back to Bangkok to apply for our Myanmar’s (Burma) visa.
 We had few days to kill. Unmotivated to be tourists we simply chilled in Johann’s place, a 20 something year old who was happy to host us from couch-surfing. Lucky we, he was a cool dude who lived in Nonsi Recidance on Soi Nawin, which had a nice setting and a swimming pool.

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, Bangkok is not our favorite city, — but lets make the best out of it. Our negative perspective quickly turned positive when we enjoyed the westernized aspects of Bangkok. Shopping! Shopping! Food! Movies! Doctors! And more shopping.

Jumped into a pink cab and…

A day started with Iza’s new haircut. Once again she got the bob look, skeptical of short finally she was sitting in the chair with a painful look and no movement. No language skills were needed for a skilled hairdresser.

—We want her hair to look similar to hers— pointing to a girl who worked there.
—Make the best of it.
And he did, the hairstylist hooked it up. It looks awesome, a refreshed Iza.

 Jumped into a green cab and…

We love retail therapy.
Siam Paragon, one of the biggest and most popular shopping center in South East Asia. You will find everything you need, from the top fashion designers to the favorite Krispy Krème donut treat. Knowing that our next destination (Myanmar) will be a different world we had few things on the list to scoop. Of course walking around, victims to the materialistic world we touched what our eyes desired.

— Ahh, Zara, lets go in there, I can rock a new pair of shorts.­­— I insisted on going in. Surely we walked out of there with two bags, an update to our wardrobe and joy of satisfaction.

Au Bon Pain! Did I ever mention that Iza is a sucker for chocolate Croissants? When she worked in New York, her day didn’t go without a chocolate Croissant from Au Bon Pain. We just stumbled upon this ­­recognized chain, and comfort of the known world — Can we see if they have a chocolate Croissant? —  she said while walking up to the counter. They surely did have them, laying there on display waiting for Iza. No words needed just a bite of simple pleasure — the feeling, softness and the orgasmic taste of chocolate. Once again truly satisfied.

Our list of things was becoming checked as we shopped around, looked around and laughed around. One of our toughest buys was lingerie. It seems so simple and painless but when faced in a department store with racks of panties it’s quite difficult. Especially for us on the road, they have to be perfect — quick dry, comfortable and act sexy when needed.  After 2 hours of looking, touching, we finally left with two new pairs. Lets hope they are flexible and will survive the constant hand washing.

— I don’t think I’ve ever taken this long to buy a pair of panties. — I said and I wished they would have a Victoria’s Secret, it would have made it so much simpler.

It felt good to try on new things and fantasize. Iza tried on a hot red leather jacket; it looked so fucking awesome, yet we couldn’t afford it and it was just not practical for traveling. Backpackers limitation.

Jumped into orange cab and…

As quickly as we got sucked into the consumer-izm-ness we got blown-out out and we finally saw the beauty of Bangkok. For the first time, the sun shinned and everything turned beautiful. We took a step back, sat on a bench and observed Thai citizens, their style and attitude.

— These girls have style — I said after checking out a group passing by.

High short skirts, tall heels and subscription-less glasses. Walking confident they attracted attention and looked stylish.  Right behind was a group of guys who looked sharp, simple and rocked vivid accents. Sitting in front of Siam Paragon, without a doubt we were observing the more upper class, the Bangkok fashioners. Bangkok definitely has a different vibe and style from the rest of Thailand.  We were in the center of shopaholics and the place to be — adjacent to New York’s Union-Square, where the cool and funky meet and hangout.

We also visited the Platinum plaza, where boutiques with cheap quality clothing overloaded the place. Millions of shirts, skirts, shorts and all girl related accessories are packed on racks. All looked nice and stylish.
— No you can’t try it on — said a sales girl at one of the boutiques.
— No trying in any of the boutiques — she continued.

We bought some things taking a risk, not knowing how things will look. Apparently that was not the risk we took, more like the quality risk. Iza wore a checkered-style shirt once and it ripped to the point of no repair.

— I am never buying another cheap shirt in Thailand — she said with a pissed look — it was a hot shirt!

Jumped into a blue cab and…

Meeting my inspiration.
Everything in life, your action and doings has some sort of inspiration, a trigger that made you choose who you are and the things you do. My current status is traveling, seeing the world, exploring geography and testing my patience. Sitting one day at work, I read an illustrator’s bio that we hired to illustrate a quarterly’s cover for XYZAL.

— Ingo Fast who… — I eagerly read his bio that informed me about his travels around the world.

Slaved into working behind a desk, his bio only allowed me to fantasize about backpacking. It didn’t take long for me to make the move.

— I will take my savings and do the same. — I decided. — I will travel the world.

After days, months and a year of traveling I somehow came in contact with Ingo and it turned out that he currently resides in Bangkok. What a coincidence, we met for coffee and discussed traveling, life and opportunities. He was my inspiration to a longed dream.

Sweet orgasm.
Additional to Au Bon Pain, and all other know chains we were amazed by the amount of people with Krispy Krème donut boxes. It’s a trend everybody walks around with a Krispy Kreme box. Not to mention the long lines at the Krispy Krème counters. Iza and I couldn’t resist stimulating our taste buds and trying this popular treat.

— OMG, these donuts are so good, soft, sweet and melting in my mouth. — I shouted.

It was my time to have an orgasmic moment; it totally hit the spot, an absolute sugar trigger melt down. I was a happy speechless kid with sugar icing on my face.

— No shit, why people walk around with boxes of this sweet addiction — I smiled.

Jumped into a yellow cab and…

The movie “Something Borrowed”
Tired of walking, we decided to end the day with a romantic comedy.

— It’s been months since we’ve been to the movies; first time this year — said Iza. It was a perfect way to finish up our “Sex and the City” style day. And what a perfect movie choice, the setting was in New York City bringing us back to the known world. Yellow taxies, Madison Square Park, Shake Shack, Hamptons, and Chelsea — our old stomping grounds. I already don’t remember what the movie was about but the feeling that it brought on us was price-less. It transported us back to New York and I loved it. We love New York. It was like reminiscing about an ex-boyfriend who you left and only remembered the good shit. It brought the desire to transport and relive NY again.

Jumped into a green cab and…

Jumped out of the pink cab and…
We love the colorfulness that the cabs add to Bangkok’s street style.

Then finally.
That was not the end of the day; upon our return to Johann’s apartment we had a fashion show of the new things and treated our self to facial masks. It felt good and clean it was the norm and we felt young again

— Life is sexy! — said Iza.

The Bonus.
In Bangkok airport, I was in glory when I saw a Victoria’s Secret. It was like a wish came true, I once again had the pleasure to buy sexy and comfy panties.