Metamorphosis of “Same, Same but Different” in a new dimension.


Goose bumps are spreading though my head; my vision is becoming more enhanced as I observe current surroundings of the night ahead. Jungle Experience. The taste is bitter, stomach nauseating; anticipation of the unknown is happily transforming me to love.
The love frequencies of “the unconditional love”, that creates the energy necessary to shift the earth and us to a higher dimension. As I move with this accelerated energy I feel the changes of my DNA, it’s slowly triggering our metamorphosis. Like a caterpillar that is unaware he is about to become a monarch butterfly.

“Iza! Can you feel it?” I touch Iza and I smile. “Can you feel the change, the release of our souls, don’t hold back, just let it go?” I think, I speak, and I feel the energy of all the positive souls around me. Carlo, Haris and Polys. We are in this together, we will give love, be happy and experience this energy shift together.

Polys is a one of a kind soul, who is part of the Cyprus Crew. A strong believer and my informer of the galaxy shift “Our whole solar system, and perhaps the whole galaxy, is in the midst of a shift. Making selective human existence enter a new realm.” He said. A true believer and a unique soul which I grew to respect and listen. He is a dome builder and a fast rider, my favorite rider who took me all over Koh Phangan and Koa Tao. He is an Albert Hofmann worshiper and psychedelic lover. From Cyprus but lives in Koh Phangan with Haris, they are living the good life and love juice shakes.

Ah, Haris, strong, smooth personality who continuously rolls the good hash shit. Eyes slightly opened he observes the new and fresh energies of the Toddies. Tattoo ink extremer with the Cyprus feature, long dark hair, goat tea and dark eyes. Easy going, smiles a lot and shines with good sharing vibes. Not a trekker more like an ATV speeder. Best yet, roots and dub reggae is his melody of life that takes him everywhere he floats.

The unique and the youngest of the three is Carlo. Armenian who is from Lebanon, currently living in Cyprus, but loves London. Rastaman mentality seriously feels his music and recently shaved his dreadlocks. An intriguing personality, curious, caring, truly listens and looks deep into the soul. The importance of eye contact is the key to his uniqueness. “It’s time, time for some watermelon. The best watermelon is in Cyprus. You have to try the watermelon from Cyprus.” He is serious about the watermelon. Thanks to him, Iza and I are addicted to this miracle fruit.

Together with the Cyprus Crew we became a unit. A unit that functioned on higher energy levels and a unit that grew stronger with each movement.

“I am high, I feel good, I feel the kick, happiness and warmth is what I project. Keep it going, keep it floating. Smile.”


As the Jungle Experience turned out to be a disappointment we hopped on the scooters and changed our surroundings. The dark light of the night was rapidly turning into sunrise as the energies of the Cyprus Crew and others continued to smile, dance, and feel vibrant. Some yoga moves gave the awakenings, which lasted through the night and day. The sunset at the Silvery Moon Bungalows is what brought the experience to a more intense level of hues. Iza’s extreme feeling and the one of a kind sunset of deep redness brought us to our dreams and reality.

“Let’s get some watermelon.” Said Carlo. We hopped on the scooters and he showed us the best way to pick a good watermelon. “Top on it and it can’t sound like an empty tank. The oval is better then the round shape. You better eat the seeds; the seeds are the most nutritionist part of the watermelon. Make sure you bite them to get the benefits.”


As we continued to get to know the crew, they welcomed us to their house and we stayed with them for few day. Polys was the man who gave us his comfy bed and slept on the hammock. Conversations and emotions were in the air as all of us just chilled, laid-back, puffed away and listening to “Unite” by Burial.


“Time to make a move.”

We left Koh Phangan to Koh Tao with Carlo and Polys. Haris stayed behind, as he needed some extra relaxation. In Koh Tao, we rented dirt bikes and cruised around the entire island. The deadly road to Mango Bay made it impossible to view the best bay on the island. So we visited the Tanote, Shark and Chalok Bay. It was awesome to cruise on the dirt bikes, lots of power and steep hills made the two days impactful. While the guys stayed near the Shark Bay, in OK II Bungalows looking at the south view from the island. We stayed with Brian, a 25 year old couch-surfer host who was super mellow and let us in.

Koh Tao’s energy is quite different from Koh Phangans. The people, the location and the vibe are just different. It’s a smaller island with lots of laid-back places and empty bars from the low season’s timing. Easy access to anything you want the Rasta bar, Izzy bar and the High bar have it all.


Polys and Carlo took off on the ferry back to Koh Phangan, Iza and I stayed behind with the feeling of emptiness. We rented a shitty scooter and drove till we found a yoga studio.

“Ah, this is going to be good. We have not done yoga in so long, we need this.” I though as I laid on the yoga mat.

“Welcome everybody to Shambhala Yoga, today’s class is slightly different, we will focus our energy to restore our bodies.” Said the yoga instructor.

“Perfect, this is exactly what we need.” The slow movements, the stretching and the energy of the class brought us into a new dimension.

I entered into a thinking zone with recently heard random thoughts. My mind was bursting into pieces…

“Our evolution was designed and is driven by a loving intelligence that causes the world around us to unfold in predictable cycles of time.”

“From an astrological perspective, we are transitioning from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. We see the sprouting of new Aquarian structures based on partnership principles and the sharing of resources. Ah, my Aquarian friends, we will rule!”

“Why is Fluoride in everything? Is the biggest killer of all compounds it attacks your body and mind, preventing you from using your full capacity. It’s highly toxic, and it appears in all mineral waters. Why do we clean our teeth with it?”

“From a Mayan perspective, the time preceding December 21, 2012 Earth is making its shift into Christ Consciousness and transforming humanity into Christed Beings. Birth all of creation into a new reality.”

While in Savasana (Lying on the back, the arms and legs are spread at about 45 degrees, the eyes are closed and the breath is deep) I continue to experience the deepening of my thoughts. A tear trickles down the side my face, I am emotional, I want to cry, I want to laugh. “Why am I feeling like this?” I can’t move I just want to cry. Recent activities and actions continuously reappear in my mind. “Is this a step in restoring my body?”

The Cyprus Crew’s energies were strong; they are still present with us. Iza’s thoughts were driven by their energy.


After class, we both were speechless, without getting into details of our Savasana experience we both felt the difference. It hit us; the yoga restoration class brought us to the next dimension. I am a mess, I am emotional, Iza is happy and a ruler of her destiny. I felt the emotional shift.

In the new galaxy our souls and energies will meet again, and maybe then we will experience the true Jungle Experience.

Current time: 19:19.

Polys and Aga flying by.

Mr Genesh. Our Obstacle remover.

The Silvery Moon Crew

The Silvery Moon Crew

Iza and Carlo

Iza and the flying coconut.

The Sunset at Silvery Moon.

Silvery Moon Bungalows.

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