Madness on the overnight train to Sapa.

Once again I am on the top bunk bed. The sexy midnight light is on, the cabin next door is on fire, Iza is flirting and my brain is writing.

—Wait, why did I start writing this post? —
We just finished playing King of Fire, a drinking game, and due to low amount of Vietnamese rice vodka I am still conscious enough to want to share my latest madness.

The train is swinging, we are on the way to Sapa, mountainous north part of Vietnam known for rice fields and stunning views; its common for trekking and picture taking.

The action started, there is no talking; perhaps is the silence before the storm.

— I am sorry to ask you this, but do you think she is into me? I don’t know how to act.— Said Ced after Iza went to the bathroom. A Swiss traveler who is like us a nomad on the road for the past 11 months, we met him at a Couch Surfing event in Hanoi, and it’s been good vibes ever since.

— Is she? Iza is into many things, you just have to feel her vibe and go with the flow.— I replied.

We left Hanoi with a big question, should we come back? Part of us wants to and part of us wants to move forward to China. I love Hanoi. It’s a city you love or hate. Constant beeping of the scooter zooming by, commotion and fast movement is the norm of the talk. Motorbikes are used as minivans like in Central America, 1, 2, 3 or 4 people are no problem.

—Ma’am? Do you need a ride?— Motorbike taxi guys are always on the look out to scam a white face. They triple the price.

— Or they just might bring you to a dark alley and point an infected AIDS needle to bring out fear and rob you of all that you carry— As our polish friend Ania who experienced the AIDS motor taxi ride, would say.

The smell of street food fills the air, Bún chả, Phở Bo, Cơm chiên Dương Châu
Che and 500 other Vietnamese dishes are displayed on signs that are all over the streets. Locals and the open-minded westerners sit around small plastic chairs and order. —Give me one, please.— no need to see the menu they usually specialize in one dish.

There is still no talking? Hmmm, I think at this point Iza’s butterflies are flying high and her panties are getting wet.

The people in Vietnam and especially in Hanoi don’t smile. Coming from Laos we see the difference. It’s been 7 days as we explore the Old Quarters of Hanoi and we have witnessed 5 fights. I mean angry people screaming waving machetes and beating till the blood gushes. Please tell me what is he fuzz about? People be happy smile, it’s a simple human reaction! However if I smile eventually they show me their teeth. Prior to coming to Vietnam we heard so many different opinions about the culture and the people, some loved it some hate it. Mainly we heard how the Vietnamese people love to scam foreigners and are not the nicest bunch. I must agree and disagree, we have interacted with the two kind and it really all depends on ones experience and situation. It’s just a different mentality. But yes, double-check your change.

While in Hanoi we have met some awesome expats, Christy being one of them, an American girl who is about to turn 40 and teaches English creatively to the Vietnamese youth. She has a warm and human touch that needs the warmth and touch of a human to be human. She is our marketing guru who runs Peas for Prosperity (

Christy joined us on our touristic adventure to Halong Bay, an adventure that went from cool to baking wrong in many ways and end up binding the three to a crazy glue power.

—Hello? Yes we are calling from room 705 and we need three rolls of toilet paper.— Christy said to the headset and couldn’t stop laughing. The three of us have totally over dosed on some sweet street good shit that was crunchy, sweet and greasy as fuck. —Toilet hugging fuck.

I am so weak; once again my belly is floating above my imagination, making me angry and self-conscious. I just keep screaming in my head — Aga! Stop fucking eating shit!

Iza looses and I gain. In today’s case Iza gains and I write. There is definitely some action happening down below; at this point I hear some!

So what happens when you meat a boy while traveling? You maybe share an amazing experience, feel pleasure, and possibly have an orgasm. He will triggers the affection and then you have to move forward. Occasionally you have some weird thing in common like a sensitive belly button. You smile, you hug, you hold, you feel the warmth and then you have to let go. — Tomorrow I have to catch a flight to Bangkok— You register, and play with what you have. It dies eventually, it’s sad but one-day maybe one day we will cross paths again and sparks will spark.

Iza next time you might have to drink when I will pull the Jack card the “I never ever” rule from Kings of Fire. — I never ever did it on the train — that’s when you might have to drink. 

Omg I hear the bed squeaking. No!!! It must be the train tracks moving the train to a sex rhythm.

I am just imagining things.

Sapa is 5 hours away. I am closing my eyes.

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  1. I am happy to have done the trek in Sapa and meet you there. I think my free time in Canada will now be devoted to read entirely this blog!

    Have fun for your next moves and maybe I'll see you again in Chernobyl 🙂


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