We survived and were shaken up by the latest earthquake in Nepal.

The floor gently started to vibrate; everybody stopped what they were doing. Looking around, clueless, fear and panic began to overpower everybody in the café. I looked around and it took few seconds to realize that the earth is shacking and the quake is happening. The gentle vibrations began to strengthen the force and the small hut started swinging side to side. I looked at Iza and we quickly ran under the front door’s frame. Looking outside onto the narrow streets, monks, woman kids and bicycles began to move fast, people started to run, panic and didn’t know where to hide. Sweat instantly formed on my skin and my legs were shacking. Confused instinct kicked in and we were traumatized.

I held onto Iza, as it was both of us who will make it out. I signaled for us to run outside to the other exit of the Internet café and stand in the middle of the yard away from any structure. Confused we somehow made it out, and joined the other 3 people standing hopeless in fear of the quake’s event. Shortly after, the quake calmed down and our legs still kept shacking. I was scared, scared of the new encounter with nature. It was the second time during our travels we have been in an earthquake, yet this was the first time it was so strong and felt so long.
Times New York Times wrote—“A strong earthquake shook northeastern India and Nepal on Sunday evening, touching off landslides, wrecking buildings and sending people fleeing into the streets of Katmandu, the Nepalese capital, and other cities. Initial reports indicated that at least 16 people were killed, including 3 outside the British Embassy in Katmandu, where a wall collapsed.
The earthquake, measured initially at a magnitude of 6.9, struck at 6:10 p.m. in a remote part of the Himalayas at the eastern end of Nepal. It was felt across northern and eastern India, including in New Delhi, the capital, more than 700 miles to the west.”
Nepal is located in one of Earth’s most active geologic zones. Earthquake are happening all the time weather you feel them or not. The last severe quake hit the Kathmandu Valley in 1934 and history shows they come in regular cycle. Kathmandu is now overdue for the next big shock. Reading this information few days prior we were somewhat aware of the possibilities of an earthquake happening, but you never think it will happen to us.
Right after the quake, we returned inside and sat right back into our chairs, goggled the strength and we couldn’t believe what just happened. People increasingly began to come in and use the both phone in the internet café as the cell phones were jammed packed with people calling and spreading the news. The fear of emotions was evident in each person and the chatter just kept on getting launder.
This was scary.

Tip on how to act during an earthquake.
If you are inside
Take cove under a heavy desk or table or against an inside wall, or stand in a doorway. Protect your body from falling books or braking glass
If you are outside
Move away from buildings trees, billboards telephone and electric lines
If you are in car
Drive away from buildings, bridges, underpasses overpasses stop in a safe area and stay in the vehicle until the shacking stops.
Most importantly, try to stay calm.
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