Udaipur’s masseur sex healer. WARNING.

For 600 rupees more he could put his finger inside me and fix my women’s problems” A clip from Veronica’sreview of Raju a Lonely Planet recommendation masseur of Ayuverdic massage.

Udaipur’s streets are filled with Ayuerdic medicine shops and are quite popular among tourists. How do you know what is a good one? You don’t unless is a recommendation. Looking around, and reading up on some we came across an interesting review that we needed to share it with ya!

Here is Veranica’s review of Raju the oner of Barthi guest house around the corner from the Dream Heaven guesthouse in Udaipur. 

“This man holds your hands and tells you that one leg is shorter than another. If you are with a man/woman, or without, he says he can tell that your partner does not satisfy you or that you do not get enough sex. He tells you that you have menstruation problems or women’s problems even if you insist you have never had problems. He tells you, if you are a woman that you have a fungus problem in your private parts even if you insist you have never had a problem. I Should have stopped there………?????Like I said this man is a con he relies on finding something that appeals to you vulnerability. He then suggests you take off all your clothes. He said he fixed my one leg longer than the other problem and then wanted to measure from my nipples to my toes. He then suggested for 600 rupees more he could put his finger inside me and fix my women problems. He states that he is also a gynecologist, I declined, however I did wonder if this man was a miracle healer? I could imagine some women taken in by him.”


Yeah, I know, this man is crazy, stay away from him. Unless one of your legs is longer then the other.

5 thoughts on “Udaipur’s masseur sex healer. WARNING.

  1. hum…dont we call that having your cake and eat it?? there was a big story like that in France once…ended in jail…

  2. Gosh …thts creepy and fuking bullshite. To be a certified Gyneac u need to be an MD , and a MD doc wouldnt be roaming in streets holding customer's hands.Wat was ur experience like by the way :p

  3. here i report only my experience
    it is not my girlfriend and i went to him by a chance,he also coocks for you and we also had breakfast.He did exactly what u write and he said exactly what problems we had!I was massaged by his son and we told him we were brother and sister not only friends because of the mentality of hindu people that see weird a friendship between a boy and a girl!it was a nice expierence,we felt better after that but it was really unusual for the same things u write

    bu gadjo

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