Graffitti in Maharishi ashram, the Beatles ashram

Just a different world. Maharishi Ashram known as the Beatles ashram is for sure a sight one should not miss if coming to Rishikesh. This magical place is something to see and feel. In 1997 the ashram was officially closed and taken over by the forest department, but it has been abounded for over 40 years. In 1968 Beatles meditated and seek the truth while in inspiration wrote most of the songs from White Album. Or in simple life they relaxed, smoked and meditated. They are also credit for bringing all the white folks into this part of the world,  prior to the Beatles coming to Rishikesh there were no white folks roaming the streets. After they came many others followed in the search of spirituality and enlightenment.  The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ashram is one of my favorite places in Rishikesh, is quiet, creative and wild. What remains of it looks like after a war, broken walls, fallen ceilings and crumbling bricks. Not too long ago a group of backpackers graffiti the place up, adding some life and color to the space. Calling out all gurus and words of inspiration over the Yoga hall and in the main building. My favorite part of the ashram is the egg like architecture of small houses where people  live and meditate in. I highly recommend a visit to this magical place.

TIP: The gate to the ashram is always closed, if you want to get in you can pay 50RP, or walk along the wall to the right of the main gate and you will come across a hole in the brick wall where you can easily jump over and enter without paying.

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