Photo journey through Rishikesh, India

Lunch view from Little Buddha Cafe
With every day I have grown closet and closer to this magnetic city. I have met some of the most beautiful people, I have ate some of the best Indian food, I have increased my breath length and I have felt more still then I can ever thing of before. Rishikesh a place I now call home away from home, thanks to you I don’s feel alone.

My neighbors
Lakshman Jhua suspension bridge
Ram Jhula shops
Sunday lounge in front of Ganga
Baba’s daily activity
View of Ram Jhula from across
Local vendor
Spring 2013 boom
Up the valley from High Bank
Rice for lunch
Parmath Niketan Ashram garden. I walked through here a million times.
Pandey Ji, my pranayama teacher
Lakshman Jhula
First few steps in the Beatles Ashram
Reunion with SSSSSorita Take-It
from a different perspective
Kundalini class at the International Yoga Festival
South of Swag Ashram on the way to the Beatles Ashram
daily view
Rishi Life
International Yoga Festival
All graduates and teachers at the Vedangas Teacher Training
India proud
Believe it or not, but I had sushi in Rishikesh. Veggie but sushi
Iconic Shiva
Ladies day
Pujia for Ganga
My other half
Road to Laksham Jhula from Ram Jhula, daily walk.
Ganga music
My shortcut
other kind of rush
Ganga side view
The local guy who ran Bala Ji guest house, and who didn’t speak a word of English
I stayed here for over 20 days
View from Topavan
The best place for Chi and big bowl of fruit salad with curd and honey
My daily pass to get to my guest house
Vendor whom I have bought lots of shawls and pashminas
Mariya, the girl one of a kind girl who I met in the Yoga Festival
Hideaway beach between Ram Jhula and Laksham Jhula
Same, Same
One of many little boomers
The oldest yoga hall in Rishi
Hot day bath for Baba’s dog
Evening music on the ghats near Freedom Cafe
Empty beaches up from Lakshamn Jhula
Same Same, I think this is called the Goa Beach. “No swimming not suntanning” said the Police officer
My new addiction

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