“Hit the Road India” movie trailer

We have recently came across a movie and wanted to share. It’s about crazy India and even crazier two white guys, who decided to race in the Mumbai Xpress – a 12-day-long rickshaw rally across India, recognized by Lonely Planet as one of the top ten greatest adventures in the world. That being said, check out the trailer and if you like it take it from there. 

Watching the movie it totally brought us back to India and its hectic beauties. This movie was super ideal as I (Aga) am getting ready to fly back to India this coming Tuesday. India here I come…

Hit the Road movie

2 thoughts on ““Hit the Road India” movie trailer

  1. Aga and Iza! Thanks for the mention of our film, Hit The Road India. I am one of the crazy white guys.

    Enjoy your trip to India and have fun!!!

  2. As I read this blog post of yours, I think you are already in India. Are you visiting Ahmedabad or Gujarat by any chance? Give me a shout if you are around. Would love to meet up and hear from you about your great adventures. Take a bow.. 🙂

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