What sucks about traveling in Central America

• waking up at 4am to catch a bus
• wearing the same shirt for couple days
• no refrigerator for food
• no toaster
• hard to find black pepper in Central America
• washing undies every night
• asked “where i am from” all the time
• yo yo diet
• talk to people when sometimes you don’t feel like talking
• sleeping on old, wet, crooked, and soft beds
• adjust to different noises at night
• hard to fall into a workout routine
• cook in kitchens that are dirty, or sometimes only have one fork
• the extreme weather changes in the bus rides, really hot or really cold
• my clothes stink
• cold showers
• boarder crossing
• hustlers on every corner
• the inappropriate man
• using public toilets
• uncomfortable bus seats
• drunk drivers

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