Tropical Vistas and Astounding Spectacles of Phuket


–> Thinking of a tropical holiday but don’t exactly have much in the way of a holiday budget? Well, it may be surprising to learn just how affordable it can be to do just that. Phuket guarantees not only a memorable holiday packed with culturally significant attractions and locales, but also that it won’t drain your bank account!

With all the rates on flights to Phuket to be taken advantage of, paradise awaits! This large island off the coast of Thailand features breathtaking vistas, unspoiled coral reefs, plenty of shopping opportunities and a spirited nightlife.

How to See Phuket
If you’re going to an exotic location like Phuket, you need to be mindful of the crowds or taken and inflated tourist pricing. The many beaches, islands, caves and reefs in and near Phuket provide plenty of room for anyone who wants to take in all this beauty, but pricey tours and expensive bus trips aren’t the way to go if you’re wanting to avoid overpaying.

Savvy travellers will do well to see Phuket by chartering a boat. If you’re familiar with sailing, you may wish to look into bareboat services. For everyone else, you can save time and money by chartering a boat and crew. These charters will free sightseers to explore places like the stunning Phang Nga Bay without the crush of crowds.

While enjoying a trip on a chartered boat, be sure to spend time at Koh Panyee – a city built right on the water of Phang Nga Bay on a collection of stilts. Friendly villagers sell food and handcrafted souvenirs to visitors, and views of the bay here are unlike those anywhere else. While there is no way to avoid crowds on James Bond Island, this tourist spot is also a must-see for visitors to Phang Nga Bay. Here, among the limestone cliffs that rise vertically from the emerald sea, it is the scenery, not the association with a pop-culture icon, that makes the stop worth it.

Sports enthusiasts and those who love water and natural surroundings can explore Phang Nga Bay in kayaks, where you’ll be able to be surrounded by the stunning limestone cliffs, caves and more. Those who do it this way won’t be disappointed – as much of what is on offer here can only be truly accessed by kayaks. With views of flora and fauna that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, this is probably one of your “must do” activities on your list!

Tourism in the Towns of the Island
Visitors to Phuket should also spend time in towns of the region. Old Phuket Town provides a charming view of earlier days and holds a treasure of history lessons for those interested. You should plan to enjoy Old Phuket Town early in the morning or as the sun begins to set in order to avoid the intense heat. Browsing through this quarter of the capital, travellers will enjoy the remarkable architecture of mansions, shrines and temples. Shopping opportunities abound in the old town’s markets and shops. Lunch and snacks can be obtained at many quaint cafes scattered throughout the neighbourhood.

The temples and shrines of Phuket are an obvious must-see attraction that is unsurprisingly popular among tourists. If you fancy a temple or shrine visit, just keep in mind the cultural significance of these places, and approach them with respect. Despite the warm weather in the area, it is disrespectful to enter a temple while wearing clothing that reveals the shoulders, chest, belly or legs. The best advice is to follow the lead of locals who have come there to worship. Additionally, tourists must take care not to position themselves above or over any images of Buddha within a shrine or temple. Just keep in mind this in your travels and you’ll be fine.

Shows and Nightlife
Along the many beaches of Phuket, entertainment and nightlife thrive. Families and those interested in beautiful spectacles appropriate for all ages must go to Kamala Beach to enjoy Phuket Fantasea. Open every evening from 5:00 to 11:30, except on Thursdays, this cultural amusement park offers Thai entertainment that boggles the mind! Inside the park, guests are treated to sumptuous food from Thailand and around the world at a gigantic buffet. Other attractions include an arcade, opulent Koi ponds and more. At 8:30 the doors to the main event open, and visitors are treated to a show like no other on earth. Pyrotechnics, laser lights, dancers, acrobats and a menagerie of animals are just a few of the surprises in store here.

More grown-up nightlife can be found at Patong Beach in Soi Bangla, where after dark the streets are full of debauchery and pleasures of every kind. That said, it’s more than safe to go for a wander..all you need is an open mind! Outdoor bars, loud music, transvestite shows and more can be found here.

Trips to this tropical paradise offers a great escape from daily life, without the opulent price tag! With affordable flights to Phuket within reach all year round, there’s no time like the present to dip your toes into the sand.